Remote Energetic Reading and Healing

Sending Energy from One Person to Another

Energy healing is a very powerful holistic healing methodology that is based on a coherent integration of your heart, mind, body and soul energies.

While it is true that there is no substitute for direct human contact, there are times that it can be very beneficial to have access to a facilitator, such as Nicole Newsom James, who is skilled at healing in this way.

The power of energy healing lies in clearing the energetic imprints that keeps you tied to old stories, trauma, patterns and pain. When these imprints are cleared, you are given the power to create a new map for your life that is filled with fresh experiences and joy.

How exactly does this happen? Let me share a bit about what you can expect in a energy healing session with Nicole. Remembering that every session is customized to your unique needs. Since she offers both in-person and remote energetic healing sessions, Let’s break it all down for you.

All sessions begin with a conversation. We talk about what is going on in your life “where you feel stuck, where you find fear, where you feel pain and what you would like to bring into your life. This is your time to bring up anything that you feel is stopping you from living the life you want now. As your practitioner, Nicole will help you to find the root of this imprint and how it is expressing itself within you. She will do a bit of energetic exploration and connect deeply with the imprint so that you can consciously release it during the energy work session.

At this point, in an IN-PERSON session: you would lay down and prepare to receive the energy work. You two would explore a bit of breath work together while Nicole activates the energy allowing it to flow through your body to help you relax and to also prepare you for energetic release and balancing. She would then begin work within your energy field and with your chakras. She uses healing stones (along with a Chakra set of stones) which will be placed on your body while you continue to stay focused on your breath. She may also use singing bowls, essential oils and spiritual response therapy.

In a REMOTE session: Nicole will also energetically work with chakra points on your body and in the energy field (aura) surrounding your body. While working at a distance will still use healing stones which will be placed on you energetically. a remote energetic session can be difficult to understand, so it is best for you to keep an open mind and liken this experience to your personal phone communications. An in person session could be likened to a home telephone connecting one person to another through a telephone line. Remote healing can be likened to a body being a cell phone and sending energy to your body which is also a cell phone. Our personal bodies are both senders and receivers of energy.  

Some clients will feel a lot of energy shifting throughout the session. You may physically release through trembling or tears. You may feel hot or cold. You may see visions and hear inspiration. Others will feel nothing more than a sense of relaxation. This is all normal and the energetic shifts are taking place whether you can sense them or not.

The final piece of the energy healing that Nicole loves sharing is the decoupling process. If you are with her in her studio, She will place her hands under your back while she guides your heartbeat to sync with the heartbeat of the earth. This is deeply relaxing, grounding and filled with sweetness. If you are working at a distance with Nicole, again, we will do this through intention and through energetics it will be equally as powerful.

Once you are sitting back up, you will return to conversation and Nicole will share her experience and insight on your energetic healing session. Depending on which of the processes Nicole completed, she may share a little or a lot. Know that she will only share what she believes will truly serve you on your journey.

Here is what one client experienced:

“My healing session with Nicole was truly the best experience I have ever had with remote healing. I am grateful to Nicole for her sincere care, and being compassionate about helping me. She patiently answered all my questions and replied immediately with text or email when I had questions. Nicole connected to me on a spiritual level and told me things I have never mentioned to anyone. Thank you Nicole, you are wonderful and I want to learn from the wealth of information you have to share.  I am deeply grateful and thankful to you, and I can’t wait for my next appointment.” NamastĂŠ  – Leoni Milne, Houston, Texas 2017

Remote Healing is safe and can never harm you in any way, but it can assist you in many areas of your life:

•Facilitates healing of any illness

•Relationships, bonding and cord cutting

•Prosperity, removing blocks and energizing your talents



•School related issues

•Cleans and protect yourself from negative energies

•Revitalize your Body

•Clear your home and office of disruptive energies

•To assist and guide you during any important decisions that you need to make such as: business or personal meeting, negotiations, exams, interviews, surgery, etc. It can change your life or health

Remote (distance) healing is affordable and convenient for all participants. Scheduling is easy. There are additional benefits both financial and environmental, when you leave your vehicle at home.

BENEFITS of Remote healing:

•Results can often be far quicker than hands-on treatment

•You don’t have to go anywhere to receive the energy, you may receive it in the privacy of your home

•Distance Healing can reach all parts of the world quickly and easily

•No one has to know that you are receiving Energy Healing sessions

•Your privacy is always maintained

•Sessions are very affordable

•Sessions help to clear past traumas

•Reduce or Alleviate all types of pain: sciatica, arthritis, migraines/headaches, stomach disorders, painful joints, broken bones (should be set by a doctor before energy healing takes place)

•Clear Past Life Issues

•Emotional balance as a result of stress at work, divorce or separation, bereavement or loss, continual tiredness, anxiety, sleep disorders, lack of energy, depressions, menopause, feelings of anger, fear and all negative thoughts

•Expansion of consciousness

•Increased energy, decreased stress

Many clients book an intensive package of sessions for an initial period of 7-14 days and then one or two sessions per week over a longer period of time. All packages are good for one year from date of purchase.

You don’t need to be ill to benefit from Distance Healing – regular sessions can help keep your body, mind and spirit in harmony.

To schedule Distant Healing Sessions, please contact Nicole Newsom at and be sure to include available dates and times.



As a Receiver of the energy, what do I do to prepare for a Remote Healing Session?

Find a private comfortable space that you will be during the session
Have access to your form of communication; phone, skype, etc.
Have pens & paper or another way of recording the things you will learn during your session or you may just allow your subconscious mind to do this naturally
Make sure you have time after your session to integrate the information before reentering your normal day

How Does Distant Healing Work?

Distant Healing often helps clients to lead healthier and more productive lives by resolving recent or chronic conditions. For example, remote healing may facilitate a reduction in pain from injury or surgery; ease childbirth for both mother and infant; and improve detoxification or clearing of chemicals, medications, X-rays, and MRI’s. Other common conditions for which distant healing may be helpful include: physical release of stress, tension, recent or old traumas to bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and more.

Can I “feel” my Distant Healing During my Session?

Your ability to perceive or feel energy does not deter the effects of distant healing. Highly-sensitive clients will simply be more aware of the healing as it happens. Others may simply feel relaxed, or notice improvements over time.

How are Distant Healing Services Offered at The Way To Balance?

Distant healing is scheduled the same as for in-person sessions. For each distant healing session, Nicole is totally focused on the client, behind closed doors, for each hour-long distant healing session.

Typically, Nicole briefly speaks with the client at the beginning and end of the session to establish goals and provide feedback. Telephone access during the session is not required, however. Telephone contact varies according to each client’s personal needs and health or emotional condition. For example, clients undergoing medical treatments during the time of the session are being assisted with Remote Healing techniques, and are thus not on the telephone with the therapist.

Who uses Distant Healing services?

Hundreds of clients throughout the U.S., Canada and South America benefit from Nicole’s Reiki Reading, distant healing services. Local clients tend to utilize distant healing when they are too ill to travel, or during inclement weather, or while undergoing and recovering from medical treatments or surgeries in a hospital, such as cancer radiation/chemo, hip knee replacement, heart surgery, etc. coma, stroke, nursing home patients may all benefit from distance healing or remote healing sessions.

A distance session is just as strong, if not stronger, than a hands on healing session. The effects can be instantaneous.

Contact and email 1) what has brought you to request a session; and 2) give her a list available dates and times for your session. (Scheduling is done VIA E-MAIL.)


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