Just a few of our friends and clients.

What our clients say about Spirit Sense


After my meeting with you in April.  I have to say Nicole, you are Wonderful!  From the moment I met you I felt a connection just as I knew I would after reading about you. You said things would be moving very fast for me…and I knew it would.  So update:  I sold my house and my car and got the job in TN making more than I do now, and my boss gave me a good reference and should be getting a new car by tomorrow….everything happened within 2 weeks.  WOW.  Im feeling great and would like to schedule a distance session when you can!  Thanks for everything. – Shana Wood now in Tennessee 🙂


I’ve taken two Reiki healing sessions with Nicole and they helped me tremendously in dealing with the physical and emotional baggage I was carrying after a painful miscarriage last summer. I knew little to nothing about Reiki and was skeptical about what it could do. As Nicole worked on various parts of my body, when she got above the left ovary, she stopped there, although I had never told her about my miscarriage. Although mainstream science does not fully accept of Reiki as a viable alternative practice, because it cannot explain what Reiki is and how it works, it cannot deny the beneficial effects it has on patients. Each time I left more calm, peaceful and balanced, which I hadn’t felt in a very long time before coming to Nicole. Nicole is extremely skilled and compassionate. It’s amazing how much she can pack in a session, working on your body, mind and soul. She is an amazing natural healer and I wholeheartedly recommend her and Reiki to everyone.  –  Anna MN, Tennessee


Nicole, thank you…May the Lord continue to bless your wonderful healing hands. Love. – Luz Restrepo, Houston, Texas


I am so delighted with my interactions with Nichole. She is warm and giving…An acquaintance of mine recommended Nichole to me, and I am so grateful. I signed up for Reiki … during the course found out that I was completely depleted of energy…I went back for a Reiki treatment several days later to finish recharging, and was very happy with the results… my body has been steadily recovering, and I have a much better outlook on life… I made the decision to pursue Reiki Master. I did so for myself; not because I wanted to make a business from the experience, although that will always remain and option, should I be drawn to doing so. My attitude and health have greatly improved and I continue to feel better every day. I currently work in the petroleum industry and my job situation right now is pretty bleak, but thanks to Reiki, I am able to proceed daily with gratitude and purpose. I am able to let go of the negative thoughts, and just focus on the positive. This is a huge change from how I used to be, and I know that it is because I am using Reiki. Thank you Nichole! – Diane, Houston, TX


In the fall of 2009, I began experiencing a variety of symptoms and illnesses due to my work environment.  By January, 2010, I had to quit my job because my health was just too impaired to continue working.

My doctor ran a myriad of tests finding all sorts of issues to deal with, and ultimately suggested doing some exploratory surgery to hopefully rule out anything major and confirm we were down to some “minor” issues that could be taken care of in due time.  Thankfully there was nothing major but the surgery left me with bouts of sudden and acute pain in my abdomen.

I figured those episodes would eventually go away in time and was not overly concerned about them.  I was visiting with Nicole in March (roughly two months after my surgery) and she noted that I was off in my demeanor.

She asked if she could do some Reiki work on me, and although I am a skeptic by nature, I thought it certainly couldn’t do any harm and agreed.  I did not tell her where the surgery had been performed nor where the pains occurred or that I was having them at the moment.  I just laid upon the table and relaxed not thinking of much of anything at all.

Nicole silently went about her task and moved her hands above my body.  Eventually she came to the very spot that was flaring up and she indicated that she felt as though she needed to concentrate her energy on this spot and pressed down lightly on that area.  I honestly was amazed that it was precisely the localized spot that hurt.

After a minute or so, the pain was gone and she resumed her “travel” down my body.  Immediately upon rising from the table, I could tell I felt different.  I was lighter, no longer being in pain.  There wasn’t even the slightest twinge.  I asked her what she had “felt”. She replied that it was like something was twisted or folded there in my intestinal track.  I’ve never experienced that pain since.

Does Reiki work?  I’d have to get off the fence and slide down on the side that says, yes. – A grateful, Shannon


Ah – I feel connected and whole. Thank you, and God Bless. – Carolyn


What a great start to my “weekend off”. I had a thoroughly relaxing, enjoyable experience. I’m sure our meeting was not by chance.
– Stephanie


Nicole, I don’t think I can say any more than I already have. You know exactly how I feel. Many many, thanks. – Ray B. Scotland


A very personal, healing environment. I had not been able to sleep for weeks. After one treatment, slept through the night and woke up refreshed. Thank you Nicole! – Nichole M.


Nicole, You have opened up a whole new world for me! I feel nurtured spiritually physically and mentally. Thank you! – S. Hoff


Nicole – Meeting you was a blessing from God. the massage was wonderful, too! – Christi B.


I just wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I have been enjoying my sessions with you. I especially appreciate how much better I feel!  I have to tell you what happened to me this week – proof that the way I am feeling inside is becoming very apparent on the outside!  Monday, I met up with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in weeks. She took one look at me as I approached her car and when I sat next to her, she exclaimed, “You look amazing! What have you done? Your’re GLOWING! Seriously, what have you changed?” I just smiled and immediately thought of you! … I know I’m just beginning my 2nd week, but I already feel so much better and more balanced. I am enjoying so many positive changes in my body and mind thanks to you…Thank you so much! – Yvonne Betts, Houston, Texas


The last 5 years of my life have been devastating for me. I lost my eldest nephew, my sister, my mother, my best friend, my father and my dog. I had just begun a journey of enlightenment when my sister and nephew were diagnosed with cancer. For 11 months I devoted my life to caring for my sister and assuring her that she would be healed if she only believed it. Her doctor and nurses were amazed by her healing and her tumors shrunk in a manner that they couldn’t understand. She got better and better until our nephew died at which time, the seed of doubt was planted in her spirit and she died within a month. Thus began my journey into darkness and depression. Rubye wasn’t just my sister, she was my best friend…Each year I suffered the loss of another loved one and the depression got deeper. I wanted to die and join my loved ones that had passed rather than continue this miserable life. I withdrew myself and lived in the loss and fear of who would be next instead of gratitude for those that remain. My depression and withdrawal drove my husband away, my rock, my shelter in the storm. I had a complete emotional breakdown in September of this year. The doctors put me on many pills to disguise the anguish and emotional pain but the medications just weren’t working.

Finally my doctor told me that there was nothing more he could do and that I would have to see a psychiatrist. I called for an appointment and was put on hold for 10 minutes. While I waited I thought about what a psychiatrist would do, prescribe more pills? That wasn’t the answer for me. I decided to go online and see if there was a reiki healer in Houston. I found Nicole.  I called her and explained my situation and she assured me that she could help. I knew when I was speaking to her on the phone that she was the answer to my prayers and that she could begin my healing process from the inside out. She is the most incredible blessing. She has been the catalyst of my journey back into the light with her gentle healing hands and generous abundance of heartfelt wisdom and advice. I am a different woman today because of the shift of energy in my body and spirit that Nicole generated and taught me to continue the healing on myself and my family. I am forever grateful for Nicole and I’m honored to consider her not only my reiki healer but also my teacher and friend. – Lu Ann Flickinger”


Nicole dear, You are a beautiful creation of God. I am blessed to have met you, Yours in Christ.  Edna, Houston, Texas