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Introducing JESSICA RIVAS, Reiki Master Therapist

(middle student)

Jessica absorb Reiki at such a fast pace, she went through all of SpiritSense’s classes and 50 hours of internship within a year (2014).   Since then, Jessica has been honing her Reiki skills, learning other techniques and just recently opened up her own business. We at SpiritSense are extremely proud of her.

[symple_testimonial by=”Jessica”]When I started my Reiki journey, it was after having a session with one of Nicole’s students who was going through her internship.  My friend who came with me started up a conversation with her while I was in session.  Later he told me what insight she had given to him.  I decided that I wanted to do that too.  It took just a little bit of time and I enrolled in my first Reiki class.  I could feel and sense the energy.  My Guides would speak to me and tell me how to use the energy.  I had one guide that was causing me a little upset.  Nicole checked in with Spirit and Spirit said that guide was disruptive so I was given another higher level guide.  I finished my internship and let the energy fill me. At the time I was working in the food industry, but was wanting to transition into my own business.  I would work and studied Reiki and then other healing therapies in my free time.  Now I am proud to say that I have opened my own business and I am ready for clients. I look forward to you visiting my page. [/symple_testimonial]

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