Let us help guide you through the tunnel

out into the Light.*

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy.

A Reiki Student can use this system for self transformation and expansion of consciousness. This is a gentle healing modality that channels pure Universal Life Force Energy through the hands. At each level of Reiki the amount of energy is expanded and the vibration of the practitioner is increased.

Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing. Energy Healing involves direct application of Chi for the purpose of strengthening the recipient’s energy system.  Chi is the term used by the Chinese mystics and martial artists for the underlying force from which the Universe is made.

Everything has a natural energy vibration.  There are things in life which can interrupt the natural flow of a being’s energy causing depression, illness and many dysfunctions.  Reiki breaks through these blockages and allows the body to re-energize, release and normalize all body systems creating Healing.


Shift Your Energy, Change Empower Your Life courses,

by Nicole Newsom James

  • Reiki Level I – Feel Your Spirit
  • Reiki Level II – Live Your Dream
  • Reiki Level III (sections 1&2, Master) Reiki Therapist
  • Reiki Level III (part 3) Reiki Master/Educator


Reiki Self Study Courses to take at your own:

  • Reiki Level III (sections 1&2, Master) Reiki Therapist
  • Reiki Level III (part 3) Reiki Master/Educator
  • Reiki Level IV Karuna Ki Reiki
  • Reiki Levels V-XVIII Reiki GrandMaster


Spirit Sense Ancient School of Reiki’s E-Courses offer you powerful steps and modern day tools to bring in what you desire to achieve in your life, whether that be spiritual development, peace of mind, a new career, relationship, prosperity or just physical healing.  Each step is designed to bring within you a deep inner energetic shift necessary to awaken and connect daily to your true self.  Every week for the length of each course, you will receive an email, right in your inbox, introducing you to a new way of thinking on a specific topic, new energetic resources for your healing tool box, along with personal journaling and powerful daily affirmations to work with.  If done correctly, this process will help you open up to new possibilities for your future and lead you toward a higher path and purpose.

We invite you to journal your thoughts that come up, along with the awareness of your feelings and bodily sensations as you practice each class lesson.  The simple, yet powerful techniques in our E-Courses can bring internal shifts required and help your mind, body and spirit harness these energies with enhanced intuition.

Please stay on course syllabus, in the order presented, as each step builds upon the last creating a solid foundation for connecting with your Spirit and manifesting your dreams.

Today is the day to reconnect and empower your life.

This is what our Students are saying about our  E-Courses. 

“I am so delighted with my interactions with Nichole. She is warm and giving. I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking healing energy.

“I took Reiki I from another source several years ago, but never did much with it. Despite the lack of follow-through, I knew that Reiki had so much to offer that I wanted more. An acquaintance of mine recommended Nichole to me, and I am so grateful. I signed up for Reiki II, and during the course found out that I was completely depleted of energy.   No wonder I was seeking help! I went back for a Reiki treatment several days later to finish recharging, and was very happy with the results. Since then my body has been steadily recovering, and I have a much better outlook on life.

“Because Reiki made such a difference, I made the decision to pursue Reiki Master. I did so for myself; not because I wanted to make a business from the experience, although that will always remain and option, should I be drawn to doing so. My attitude and health have greatly improved and I continue to feel better every day. I currently work in the petroleum industry and my job situation right now is pretty bleak, but thanks to Reiki, I am able to proceed daily with gratitude and purpose. I am able to let go of the negative thoughts, and just focus on the positive. This is a huge change from how I used to be, and I know that it is because I am using Reiki.”  – Diane, Houston, TX, 2014

“I recently went through a very difficult time in life and contacted Nicole to learn about the healing opportunities offered by Reiki.  She responded to me very quickly; I could tell she really understood what I was going through and wanted to help me heal. We started with distance healing sessions, which helped me more than I could have imagined.  This experience led me to want more insight and education on Reiki.

Nicole is a powerful healer and also a fantastic teacher.  I recently finished the Reiki Level 2 class, which was amazing.  I am looking forward to putting everything I have learned together for my own continued self-healing, including the new energy knowledge she’s provided in the course of training, as well as the tools offered like the rainbow chakra set and crystal grid.  Thank you again, Nicole!”  -Tessa Boyd, Houston, Texas


  • Photo credit: the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park in Houston, Texas taken by Nicole Newsom James
  • mindfulness – a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique