About Trish

Trish James, Reiki Master/Teacher
Patricia “Trish” Newsom James, Reiki Master/Teacher and Safety Instructor


In 1990 while working as a business manager of two multi-million dollar businesses, Patricia Newsom James started her career in public safety as a certified reserve police officer.  She has owned several businesses including a custom home construction company.

She decided to change directions in her career, in 1993, and became a full-time law enforcement officer.  While working as an officer, she responded to several vehicle accidents that involved trains.  She knew that as a first responder she would need more life saving knowledge to work this type of accident. So she attended Rogers State University in the evenings and received her State certified Emergency Medical Technician license.

Patricia retired after several years of public safety as a Police Chief and EMT in Missouri.  Starting her next career in safety she has been certified as a CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Support instructor through the American Heart Association and worked as a safety representative for Austin Safety Group and United DC companies where part of her responsibility was to teach CRP and First Aid to their employees.

She attended William Woods University [2003-2006] to get her Secondary Education Degree as she enjoys teaching.

Patricia teaches CPR, First Aid and BLS because she believes this is an essential and vital part of safety not only at work but most importantly to be able to save your child or any family member that could require CPR or First AID.

Although Patricia has donated her time here at Spirit Sense while finishing her studies as a Reiki Master and Reflexologist we are happy to have her as our Office Manager where her skills are put to the test.  🙂


*Patricia Newsom James is a Reiki Master/Teacher here at Spirit Sense School of Healing. Over the past three years, Trish took every single energy class offered by Nicole Newsom James at Spirit Sense to obtain her Reiki Master/Teacher certifications. This training included Reiki Levels I, II, III, 50-hours of internship, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and one-to-one training with Nicole so she could hone her abilities and teach energetic skills to others.

WARRIOR WITHIN WORKSHOPS were inspired by Trish’s personal perspective of her military son after he went to Afghanistan. Trish organized the community of family and friends to supplement the rations and personal supplies that the troops needed. And, when her son was discharged from the military, as one of a few survivors from his platoon, she sat up all night listening to him talk about the war with a mother’s heartbreaking understanding and support.  It was from this experience, that Spirit Sense started it’s Warrior Within Workshops. Trish has an upfront and personal relationship with the harm that a returning solider with PTSD can do not only to himself but also the family unit.  In her teachings, Trish’s goal is to help these young Veterans develop the skills for self-healing and problem solving using holistic healing therapies to balance the body, mind and spirit.

What brought Trish to Alternative Healing

[symple_testimonial by=Patricia Newsom James”]”I have always loved to teach so that’s a given. What specifically brought me to Nicole was an injury that just wasn’t healing. I was watching television with my cat resting in my lap when one of the dogs startled her by barking. She leaped off of me leaving behind a very deep puncture wound. I cleaned and bandaged it, then forgot it. Several days later it was infected. The infection spread so I went to the doctor, received a round of antibodies, went back and received another round. No matter what we did the infection remained. My doctor gave me an ultimatum, it needed to improve within the week or he was doing surgery. During this process, Nicole found out about the situation and invited me in for a Reiki Healing Session. This was the first time I heard of this alternative treatment, so I was a bit skeptical and hesitated to go, but my roommate had been to Nicole and encouraged me to see her and I am glad I did. After just one session, I felt better and within five days the wound was completely healed. I become an instant believer in energetic healing. My curiosity was ignited and I took a year off to study with her and now I am teaching my passion.”[/symple_testimonial]

Alternative Healing Credentials:

  • Certifications in:
  • Reiki Level I for Self-Energetic Healing and as a Teacher for Reiki Level I
  • Reiki Level II for Distance Healing, Working on Patients as a Teacher for Reiki Level II
  • Reiki Level III (Part 1 – Advanced Reiki Training)
  • Reiki Level III (Part 2 – The Business of Reiki/How to go into business, forms, etc.)
  • Reiki Level III (Part 3 – Instructor Training, Class Instruction, Teaching for the Individual)

Currently a Retired Police Chief, who also has a day job, so she is only available for classes with Nicole Newsom James, no personal sessions.  Please check out our Class Schedule.

Professional Background:

  • Instructor of: First Aid, CPR and AED
  • Certified as: Emergency Medical Technician
  • Police Chief
  • General Contractor (ask about her tiny home 😉
  • Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Technology from Lynn State Technical College
  • Williams Woods University


Grandma's Pride: Emma - Maddie - James
Grandma’s Pride:
Emma – Maddie – James

Trish assists Nicole Newsom James in her workshops on Cleansing and Healing the Home, Office and Outdoor Spaces. She enjoys teaching others how to cleanse and detoxify their personal spaces as well as their work, home and outside environment thus allowing balance to be restored and healing abundant energy to flow through it.

With her Reiki Master/Teacher training completed, Trish traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to be there for the birth of her third Grandchild, Madelyn “Maddie”. Pictured on both sides of Maddie are Emma and James.  We are currently waiting on an updated picture of her newest Grandchild, Abbie, to be added soon.

To schedule a class with Trish and Nicole, please contact via:

Trish James travels with Nicole Newsom to all 50-states (including Pureto Rico) so email is the best way to contact her directly.

“Trish is a wise teacher and healer whose calm maternal demeanor helped me destress and realize how I was letting my life pass me by…I am a recovering workaholic. Her warm wisdom relaxes and energizes through her classes.   I understand that she has only been in alternative healing for three years but she is definitely an old soul.  She intuitively knows exactly what my mind, body and spirit need in class using her intuition, knowledge and skills to guide her way.” – Kathleen N., Tulsa, OK

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