Live Your Dream

 Reiki Level 2 

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Actress Lynda Carter says that Wonder Woman lives, because women have the power to achieve anything that they can dream of….

“I see it in the tears that fall from the eyes of the women. There lies within each one of us, Wonder Woman. She is real. Wonder Woman helps bring out the inner strength every woman has. We are all inclusive; that is who women are. We are stronger together.

“We are half the world. We have a voice. We are the mothers of all mankind. We can be smart…beautiful…strong…wise…kind…and brave. We believe in fair pay and playing by the rules. We come in all shapes and sizes. We are mothers and sisters and daughters and grandmothers and great-grandmothers. We are black, brown, white, red and yellow. We are tall and short and thick and thin. We are blonds, brunettes, gingers and salt &  peppers.

“So, Wonder Woman lives. Do not doubt it. She lives in every woman. You can be anything. I see these beautiful faces …… learn, know, be everything you dream. Because unless you dream it … unless you dream it, it can’t be done. You’ve got to dream it first.”

  • Learn the Tools to Bring Your Dream into Reality so you can live with passion.
  • Learn how to send energy into your past life issues, and then project it into your future to protect yourself, your child, partner, and home.
  • Learn the complementary tools of Crystals, the Grid and dousing. 
  • Then Learn how to work on Family (including your children & elderly parents), Friends and Your Community.

Also learn Specific Tools to:

  1.  speak directly to your higher self with specific question and answer techniques using the pendulum as a communication tool 
  2. identify and remove:  negative cordings & thought forms.
  3. Identify what an entity is and how it can be recognized and released from taking your energy 
  4. work on family members using a body grid as in a remote healing session
  5. learn about crystal grids and how to attract your dream and bring about positive change in your life path.  
  6. learn how to clear yourself after working on a family member which a quick self-check chart. 

This class is for those of you who want to understand how you can send healing to anytime in your life – past events, future events and even soul retrieval (bringing back that part of yourself which has splintered off because of trauma, PTSD, etc.).  You will learn how to work on others, without picking up “their stuff.”  You will learn how to use tools like the the rainbow chakra set and crystal grids, which helps you work on others at a distance (remotely).  And, how to speak directly to your Higher Self for direction on your life path. (covered in the 1st month’s class)

The second part of this class is working on others at a distance (remotely).

The Cost of this 2-month class is a one time fee of $350 plus supplies $75.00 (free shipping/handling).
This class is an ***
SIGN UP NOW…Just go to this link, type in $425, once paid, you will be confirmed for class.  Remember to make a note, when you pay, which class and month you are taking the course.


“The gifts you have given me are far and beyond what anyone on this earth could do. You have reconnected me with my own gifts, God, beliefs, and have strengthened my spirituality. I love that on multiple readings and when you were teaching me, your intuition was spot on. There were things that I was contemplating and you knew them without me having to say a word. You are an amazing teacher and friend. I am finally a Reiki Master and it is because of your amazing ability to connect and understand Spirit that it felt so effortless. I don’t know how to thank you enough or express my full gratitude. I am so thankful that you share your special connection with others and that I was sent to you. You have definitely been an angel in my life. You are such a beautiful person, both inside and out.”

With Love and Gratitude, Victoria Mahibir, Reiki Master Therapist in Katy, Texas

Victoria Mahabir ReikiMASTER