For Real Estate Sales – “Blessed Property” works best! 😇

Hello, my name is Nicole Newsom James and I am an energetic sales agent.  I assist people looking for the perfect home or office space and I bless property to sell or lease immediately.

My Blessed Property service is for real estate agents who have clients with difficult properties to sell.

I have physically worked in Houston, Texas from 2008 to 2014 offering cleansing energy services for real estate properties [for both the home and office environment].  This process may be done in person or at a distance as I work directly with the energies of the home much like making a phone call via the cell phone towers and talking directly with Spirit to remove and empower the land.  In this process, the blocks which caused properties to repel buyers are removed and a magnetic energy is created to attract the perfect fit of client to real estate agent ending in property sales and/or leases.


In 2015, I realized Spirit was limitless and I did not need to be at the property to heal and prepare it for its new owners.  So, since that time, I charge a fee based on the size (sq. footage) of the property, request the address, a blueprint or hand drawing of the rooms and a photo of the front and back of the property and whala the real estate is cleansed, blessed and SOLD!!!  Resulting in a happy home environment for the buyer and cash sales for the agent/broker.

Many times the selling or leasing of real property just involves removing old stagnant energy of past owners or tenants, but sometimes there is more difficult negative energies involved.  The land may need specific work and the adding of objects or removal of objects to keep it clear and open.   I am able to sense that too.

Please feel free to contact me, Nicole Newsom-James via email should you have any questions and/or to set up a Blessed Property session.

I look forward to meeting you!


For those looking for the perfect home or office environment to purchase or lease, check out my personal distance sessions.