Home & Office


Why start a new life in a house or office full of other people’s memories, emotions, pain, and vibrations?

These kinds of energies are not good for positive movement forward.  And that is not all; you could be picking up on this energy as if it were your own.

  • Just Moved?
  • Divorced?
  • Separated?
  • Continuing Arguments?
  • Tripping or just dropping stuff?

If your life has met with many life challenges that you did not overcome or conquer, unclear space will only magnify your existing problems or create new ones for you.  Emotional luggage from thoughts, past pain, negative energy from job related matters; ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-lover unresolved issues, mistrust, envy, and many other negative emotions and thoughts will continue to build around you and seek to destroy your relationship at home and on the job before it has a chance of succeeding.

    Invite me to clear your living or work space to heal these destructive vibrations.  Turn your new home or office into a magnetic vibration of a frequency that is harmonious for healing and success.

    Clearing your home or office of hostile energies can only bring blessings of prosperity, joy, and happiness into your new space and life.

    • After removing clutter
    • Following an argument
    • After occupying a new living space
    • When a companion moves out
    • After a break-up or divorce
    • Following a death or an illness
    • Following the purchase of a second-hand item
    • When you desire energy to start a new project
    • To prepare for feng shui implementation


    SPIRIT SENSE also works with Real Estate Agents to help clear properties which are not selling.  Please email Nicole Newsom James for more information.