Chrysalis Therapy™

Empowering Your Transformation

By LuAnn Jacobsen

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I am Lu Ann Jacobsen. I am a Master Reiki Healer and Teacher. I received my training and served my internship under Nicole Newsom at Spirit Sense Educational Center in Houston, Texas. I specialize in crystal healing, using crystals grids to magnify the crystal’s unique energies.

I attended college in the nineties, majoring in Psychology and Biology. I did not receive a degree as life had other plans. I worked in industrial construction on both the engineering and construction side, always learning, always teaching.

I began my journey in energy healing in 2011 while experiencing traumatic loss in my life and suffering from deep depression. My doctors had me on multiple prescriptions but I knew that the pills would not heal me and I began searching for natural healing. That’s when I found Nicole online and began my healing process with her. I was amazed by how effective the Reiki sessions were. After only 2 sessions, I quit using the prescription medications that only masked my symptoms.

I started taking Reiki classes so that I could maintain my energies myself and continued so that I could offer this incredible gift to others as well.

I have been attracted to crystals, rocks and stones for decades, collecting them on my travels, picking them up on beaches and buying them even before I understood their energetic qualities.

Crystals have been used since ancient times to attract wisdom, facilitate healing and as a form of protection. They absorb store and transmit electromagnetic energy. They were formed over millennia as hot gases and minerals escaped the earth’s core and crystalized as they cooled on their journey to the earth’s surface.

Each type of crystal has a unique energy signature. In my healing practice, I select the crystals that offer the energy needed to assist in the specific issues the client is experiencing.

Life is a journey, always changing as we evolve as human beings. The universe always conspires on our behalf and there are no accidents. If you have found your way to my page, I have no doubt that Spirit has led you here for a reason.


About 2 years ago I had a crystal healing session with  Lu Ann  for the first time. I really did not know what to expect.  Before my session, I have had many physical massages that have  temporarily relieved pain, but I have to say that after my healing session with Lu Ann, my left shoulder pain has completely gone away. I don’t completely understand it, but all I know is that it worked for me! – Kathy Wallace, Texas

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Create Grids for:

Celebrating the Holidays with Mother Earth, integrating nature into your creations, Grids for connecting and communicating with those who have passed on; grids for protection of family members and natural disasters; like Hurricanes.  They may even be used to help you energetically communicate.

I made this grid to communicate with my father in law.  I asked questions and received answers which calmed my spirit.

In Spirit Communication


I made this grid to protect my family and loved ones from the hurricane in Houston, Texas in September 2017.

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$60 session, $55 a session for a Package of four = $275 Total package price.

Packages are good for one-year from date of purchase.

You may pay via Venmo, Facebook or PayPal


Questions & Answers section:

Q:  What is Chrysalis Therapy?

A:  It is therapy done with the energy of the earth.

Q:  Is this done in person or remotely?

A:  It can be done either way.

Q:  What type of people benefit from the healing therapy?

A:  Everyone benefits from energy healing but to name a few: