Feel Your Spirit

Reiki Level I – FEEL YOUR SPIRIT Self Care Class 

Feel Your Soul’s Energy

Feel Your Soul’s Energy involves learning tools to connect with your Soul’s energy, and using a Reiki System of teaching to raise your energetic vibration to heal the past so you may empower your future.  This section is the equivalent a Reiki Level 1 class and you will receive a completion certificate.

I recommend this class to you who “take care of others first.”  You will receive an introduction into your own world.  You will learn techniques to connect directly to your true self.  This is not just theory, but you will walk away with the knowledge and skills to work on and heal yourself.    Learning to take care of yourself not at the expense of others, but actually to their benefit.  A better you means a better wife, mother or husband, father and healer for them.  The biggest benefit is that you will have rekindled an innate fire and passion in your own life.

This First Module of Reiki is about providing you a strong foundation in Reiki.  You will not only learn how to activate and harness the energy within to heal yourself, you will learn how to attune your energy to draw to you your perfect career, partner or whatever it is that you are desiring to bring into your life.  When you shift your energy, you can change your life.

If you had the confidence and clarity to break through old patterns and fears to live your truth, would you? This class can help you do that with techniques to shift your energy by empowering your connection to your spirit within.

Who Should Take This Class?  Anyone wanting to take a new direction in their to empower themselves by connecting with their Spirit.


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      • The tools you will learn are specifically:
1)   Self Healing
2)   How to calm your mind
3)   How to Balance your energies (specifically Chakras, Aura & Meridians)
4)   How to clear negative cording from old relationships and current relationships
           Negative cording is where a person’s energy is connected to you
and is draining your energy or giving you negative thoughts.
 (Some cultures call this the Evil Eye.)
5)   How to energize your body for healing, long work hours, high performance sports, mothers & fathers, recovery from illness or addiction or for students to get that paper written.
6)   How to recover from Loss and Work Your Way through grief, and many more.
7)   Learning how to use the complementary tools of the Rainbow chakra set and the value of Spirit Spray Mists to assist you after your attunement process.
8)  Connect directly with your Spirit Guides

This is a Self-Care energetic class.  It gives you the tools you can use in life for any circumstance you are facing.  And, sometimes we just need to shift our energy and then our world falls into place.  With these tools, you can do that. 

What my students like about the online class is that it is tailored to meet their individual needs.  You will be sent a questionnaire to give me some information on how I can best tailor the class to meet your needs and then I will start emailing you class information once a week for four weeks.  You will turn in homework each week and when you understand and can access all the knowledge, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for
Reiki Level 1.

The Cost of this class is a one time fee of $275 and an additional cost for supplies of $50.00 (free shipping/handling).  This four week class starts at the beginning of each month.  This class may be completed without interfering in your work or school week. You will receive an email each Monday with information, links and homework.  You will respond with your homework assignment by Saturday midnight.  The course work may be completed during the week or all on Saturday depending on your schedule.  Supplies will be used in the 3rd week of class, so if you have reached this page after the class has started, you still have time to catch up.

TO SIGN UP NOW…Just go to this link, type in $325, once paid, you will be confirmed for class and will receive a form that will need to be filled out and returned before
class starts.


What some of my students say about their Self-Healing Reiki Class:

🌸The most important thing I learned in class was doing Reiki every day, especially in moments sadness, anger, etc. And the second most important would be protecting my aura from outside energies.🌸Abby Seible, Houston, Texas, 2017

🌸The most important thing I learned in Reiki 1 was C H A K R A S!  Being able to open, clear negative energy, balance, bring in positive energy, place an intension for 7-days and bring energy back to the grid.🌸Katy Davis, Houston, Texas, 2017

🌸I suggest taking the classes with another friend, if possible, Nicole connected me with one of the other students, Mary, while I was taking her on-line class. We immediately connected and She was great to bounce ideas off of whenever I was struggling with just allowing the energy to flow through and not trying to control it. She reminded me to just trust the process and allow it to clear out negative energy and align my chakras.🌸Meg Ryan