Couples Healing & Bonding Class

Distance Education in A Modern World

Step by Step to Embrace & Bond
      • The tools you will learn are specifically:
1)   Couples’ Self Healing
2)   How to calm your mind when you get triggered
3)   How to Balance your relationship energies (specifically Chakras, Aura & Meridians), for better communication, achieving goals, and family time
4)   How to clear negative cording from old relationships and current relationships
           Negative cording is where a person’s energy is connected to you
and is draining your energy or giving you negative thoughts.
 (Some cultures call this the Evil Eye.)
5)   How to energize your partner’s body for healing, after long work hours, or in high performance sports.
6)  Support each other in your family rolls as parents and recovery from illness or even addictions
7)  Support each other through work or school, no matter what your age.
8)   How to recover from Loss and Work Your Way through grief, and many more.
9)   Learning how to use the complementary tools of the Rainbow chakra set and the value of Spirit Spray Mists to assist you after your attunement process.
10)  Connect directly with your Spirit Relationship Guides

Whether you are right around the corner or a continent away, you can enroll in Spirit Sense’s Modern Reiki Courses.

Spirit Sense Center offers open enrollment which means you can start at any time, affordable tuition, and a lifetime of personal and spiritual support regardless of where you are on your journey.  There is no time limit to complete any course or program, so we encourage you to take all the time you need and enjoy the process.

This course is available for distance/home study education only.  We do not offer education locally at this time.

Your course materials will be emailed to you within 24 hours upon processing your enrollment. Your materials are emailed by a person and not automatically, so while most manuals are emailed very promptly there may be delays due to time zone differences or in the rare event of extreme weather which could affect internet or electricity.

This course offers an attunement as part of the program. This will be performed distantly by special appointment, in a silent, meditative state.  No matter where you are in the world, you do not need to worry about having a costly telephone bill- we will set up the attunement via email and contact you distantly before and after your appointment in the same manner.

Course cost:  $400

Materials: $125 (free S&H)

Total Cost:  $525.00  click this link to pay:

As you go through the course materials and you run up against a block, please feel free to set up a Couples Bonding Session.  You may also email Nicole with any questions you may have: