Couples Bonding Session

Mr. and Mrs. Studwell
Mr. and Mrs. Studwell


Normally couples go to a movie, dine out or just snuggle in bed to bond, not the Spirit Sense couple.
What they do to spend quality time together may seem very extraordinary, but it becomes an intuitive and personal experience as one client describes below:



[symple_testimonial by=”Aaron S. Houston, TX”]I have had the good fortune of knowing Nicole for over ten years. I first met her when she was working as a massage therapist. Over time, she helped me understand and better use my Reiki abilities.

Over the past few years, I had to make some difficult decisions with my life and Nicole not only helped me keep my Reiki focused, but also kept my life focused.

In the weeks before my recent wedding, Nicole offered to perform an energy cleansing and a way to strengthen our bonds as a gift. My wife Eileen and I were very excited about the opportunity to share this experience.

A few days after the wedding, we met with Nicole. She had set up the room with two massage tables side by side. Eileen and I laid next to one another and held hands.

As we relaxed and Nicole started her energy work, we still held hands. From our discussions, Eileen and I had very different experiences. I am glad I can share my experiences with you.

Early in the session, I felt an overwhelming sensation of love and support, like I never had before. It was the feeling of unconditional love. I think it was my letting go of some of the issues from my first marriage, but also recognizing what a special relationship that I was in now.

A little later on, I had very discrete thoughts and images of my family: My son, my two new stepsons, my sister, and my sisters in law. Part of our wedding ceremony was asking the guests to participate – that they said they would be our support system. I think having a lot more family now and how warmly that they have accepted my son and I makes me appreciate them even more.

Towards the end of the session, the music that Nicole was playing in the background turned to ocean waves along a beach.  At that point, I felt Saint Dominic’s presence with me. Saint Dominic is my Reiki guide and my first encounter with him in my mediations was along a beach. This time, we walked a little together but I could feel his presence and his affirmation. While I was not looking for approval, I could feel he was satisfied with the life path I find myself on.

By the time the session was ending, St Dominic and I parted ways. But I know he’s always with me, in one way or another.

Nicole gave us the chance to talk about experiences afterwards. She also had us exchange stones that had been resting on each other. Unfortunately, we have a long distance marriage. However, the stones will keep us connected. And the next time we see each other, we will give them back to one another, charged with each other’s energy. I keep mine with me during the day, holding when I need my wife close.

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful gift you shared with us and these wonderful experiences.[/symple_testimonial]


    • COUPLES – release distruptive energies replacing them with smooth, loving and kind feelings, some couples remember their first date and the feelings when they first said “I love you”. Excellent for stress reduction and support in any relationship.
    • FAMILY, especially Parents with children – creates a more understanding between family members, stimulates a more harmonious relationship for the whole family
    • PETS – creates a better understanding of your pet
  • Separation ceremonies – Having Problems Letting Go? Let Nicole help you understand the lesson and what your next step should be. This session helps break unhealthy bondings, in all personal relationships. Cord cutting available. Individual Session is $150.

To experience a session just email: – We hope to See you soon.

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