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Nicole Newsom James, Spiritual Home & Office Cleansings, Intuitive Energy Healer, Teacher & Intuitive Personal Coach

  • Nicole is currently available by Phone, WhatsApp, and FaceTime
    Office hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm CST
    By Appointment Only

Patricia Newsom James, Business Manager & Class Organizer

Spirit Sense Center has a strict “No Soliciting Policy” and those phone calls will not be returned.

Mailing Address:

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We are available by appointment only.

In order to book an appointment, it is understood that you agree with our one
business day (24-hour) cancellation notice/change of appointment policy. Which states that if you cancel with less than 24-hours notice, you will be charged full-price for that reserved appointment time. We appreciate your understanding.

If you submit suggestions, reviews or feedback of any kind to us, it becomes the sole property of Spirit Sense.


Before you become a client, please read and agree to the following:

Spirit Sense and it’s therapists are here to help you.  We offer our services based on our studies, education and life experience.  In the natural world, forms and information are needed to protect both the Client and the Practitioner.  This is such a form providing information that the Client agrees to before requesting any type of service.  Please read and ask any questions regarding the content before using any of Spirit Sense’s services.

Sessions:  Begin and end at scheduled times.  Sessions started late, due to the client arriving late or in remote sessions, not being available at the start time, will still end at the appointed time and are full price.  If cancellation of any session is necessary, please give appropriate (24hr) notice.  Otherwise, you will be charged full price for the appointment.

Booking a Series of Sessions:  Before you book a series of sessions, please be aware that all calendared sessions must be completed as scheduled.  If you cancel any part of the series, please be aware that you will be held responsible as the therapist has to block out those dates in her calendar and refuse that time to other clients.  When you cancel or try to reschedule any part of the series, you both loose.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling.  Emergency cancellations are determined at the practitioner’s discretion.

Please note that There are no refunds

Since there are no refunds, if a therapist determines that there were circumstances outside of the client’s control, which changed their ability to continue their service, then it is the therapist’s discretion to offer said client one of our other services. 


Disclaimer: Disclaimers can minimize the potentials of spiritual/energetic intervention and undermine the practical intelligence of its practitioners.  With that said, all sessions are offered for informational, supportive and energetic healing purposes, and as the recipient you accept all responsibility for applying the information presented.

Energy healing systems such as Reiki, SRT, Chios and all forms of physical and energetic Massage, intuitive readings and/or coaching sessions are commonly considered as complimentary therapies to medical or psychological modalities and Spirit Sense’s practitioners are not sanctioned to diagnose or treat medical or psychological illnesses.  In such cases, clients are advised to contact a licensed holistic professional before setting up a session with one of our therapists.