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Abby our Vocal Expressionist Professional

Healing House


Private Vocal Session for Teen Singers & Actors, Ages 15-18

Private Vocal Session for Adult Singers & Voice Professionals, Ages 19 and up

Energetic Counseling

Reiki/Energetic Counseling

Abby Seible 

Healer, Intuitive, Singer, Voice Teacher, Reiki Master, Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor

Contact Abby via email or phone: (713) 858-1323. *  

My Credentials

  • Private Voice Teacher/Healer – 2008 – present
  • Vocal Coach and Music Director – High School for the Performing and Visual Arts 2008 – present
  • Reiki Master – 2017
  • Forrest Yoga Certification – 2014
  • Eastman School of Music – BM Vocal Performance – 2001

My Approach:  The foundation of my approach in each of my services is my ability to See.  I have been given the gift of being able to See/Hear/Feel/Understand people’s energy and, many times, trace back to the event or thought process that got them there.  Whether I am working with a singer or voice professional, my utmost intent is to help them get out of their own way and allow their voice (breath and energy) to flow freely.  

My ClientsMy clients are generally singers and actors, but not exclusively.  If you are interested in a session of any kind, please set up a consultation, and we’ll take it from there!

What does a private vocal session with Abby look like?

A typical vocal session can look very much like a voice lesson, starting with vocal warm-ups and exercises and then continuing on to vocal repertoire.  During this work, I make observations of the student’s energy

Where in the body is energy flowing freely?  

Where are there energy blocks?  

What is the source of these blocks?  

Based on the answers I arrive at intuitively, we may incorporate specific yoga poses, breath, visualization, and mindfulness techniques, each which will serve the purpose of finding freedom in the body, mind, breath, and ultimately, the voice.

What is Energetic Counseling?

Energetic counseling is an alternative approach to typical talk therapy, although, it does involve some discussion.  Through my intuitive work and observation of the energetic body of the client, I offer a series of holistic tools to improve energy flow and frequency based on the specific needs of the individual.

Who is Energetic Counseling for?

Energetic Counseling is for people, ages 15 & up, who are feeling somewhat stuck in their lives, and can’t quite figure out how to move forward.  Think of it as a way to shine the light on what’s been holding you back and then picking up some tools that will help you get moving.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am NOT a licensed therapist.  I simply offer my gift of intuitive seeing as a way to help people see themselves more clearly.  I reserve the right to turn away any client I feel should be under the supervision of a licensed therapist or psychologist.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energywork using spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. It is believed that a person’s “ki” or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.

A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness.

  • Please visit all our Policy Page as all clients agree to it by booking an appointment.  Thank you.

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