Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid Activation Instructions
Prerequisite class: Reiki Levels 1 & 2.  Reiki classes may be taken online or in person here at

What you will need:
Crystal Grid
Rainbow Chakra set
Intension(s) for your grid
(Items may be purchased at[link]


1-make sure that your Crystal Grid and Rainbow Chakra Set have been physically cleansed with soap and water. Then energetically cleanse and charge both the grid and Crystal’s using all of your Reiki symbols starting and ending with the ChoKuRei. Once cleansed and activated, set them aside.

[diagram of symbols]
[add master symbols as needed – diagram]

2-next, take a piece of paper and write out your intension for what you want to set up for this grid. In other words what you desire to have happen as a result of this ritual.

[diagram of intension]

I actually have two separate pieces of paper [yes, you can combine the grid to work on more than one thing] I’m writing out my intension and folding it in half then setting it aside for now.

[diagram of two separate pieces of paper with intension]

3-now get your grid, [remember you have already cleansed and activated it in step 1]
take your intension, draw the ChoKuRei with the paper intension and place it in the center of the grid [repeat if you have more than one intension] Drawing this symbol with your paper intension activates it and adds it the to the grid.

[diagram – drawing of hand holding paper with ChoKuRei]

4-Now add your rainbow chakra stones to the grid [previously cleansed and activated in step 1]. They are going to join into the by drawing the ChoKuRei before placing them on the outer points of the star on the grid.

PLEASE NOTE: The grid can work on its own because it is made of Crystal but it functions better when you add earth based stones.

So start with the first stone of the 1st chakra and add it to the grid by using it to draw the ChoKuRei before placing it on the grid. You will then repeat this process with each stone ending with the 7th chakra stone in the center of the grid.

5- after all the stones have been added, draw the ChoKuRei above the grid to close and seal in the work.

Now the grid is set. It will continue to work the next seven days.

You may reactivate it by drawing all the symbols over the top of the grid, starting with the ChoKuRei and ending with the ChoKuRei sealing in all other Reiki symbols like a sandwich.

[show symbols]

Day 1 is the day you charge the grid to full capacity and like a battery in use it dissipates a little each day.
So when you go back and re-charge it, you do not have to take it apart, you recharge it by using the symbols. Then the grid continues to work. And you may choose to do this as many times as you like.

[diagram – fully charged battery – one did grid other show day one then day secen]

I enjoy activating my grids on new moon and full moon. Of course if my clients need a grid, I will do it anytime. But those are my preferences.

I hope you have enjoyed this session.

Please let me know your thoughts.