by Angela McGerr

All Angels are the messengers of the Creator – indeed, the very word ‘Angel’ comes from the Greek word ‘Angelos’, meaning messenger. You could say that angels are the go-betweens
of forces of energy that interact directly between the Creator and mankind. The Bible calls angels, the ‘Breath of God’. For most of us, it’s easier to relate to angels, whom we are able to picture, rather than the Creator itself. This is as it should be, for the angels are there on behalf of the Divine Creator to guide us by example with their unconditional and nonjudgmental love, so that we may achieve our higher purpose in life.

All angels have a supervisory role in the world of mankind, though they cannot and will not interfere in any way unless we actually invite them in to assist. The key is that we all have free will, and can choose whether or not, to ask for aid at anytime. Asking for angelic assistance does not mean that a situation your going through will just disappear, but you will certainly be given the loving comfort to go through it and emerge the other side with some serenity. If invited into your life, angels, who are after all charged with overseeing everything that happens in this world by God, WILL help and protect your spirit from being broken.

Of course we know that life contains happiness and sadness, joy and intense grief. You will rejoice in the good times and the bad times will bruise you yes, but the only way that you can learn wisdom and grow spiritually is through the balance gained from these experiences, which will lead gradually to understanding and maturity. Life is all about the achievement of balances between the physical and the spiritual aspects of the self, between the masculine & the feminine aspects of the self. While your birth-assigned Guardian Angel (known as spirit Guides) provides general support and assistance, its your Angelic Guide that have the power to specifically aid you with the balance, integration, and harmony of all aspects of the self, while at the same time having the power to get the job done (whereby, not making them sound like the poor relations, but our spirit guides don’t have the authority to grant specific wants and needs in this way sadly).

On your incarnation/conception into this world, a Guardian Angel is assigned to you to give you loving support throughout your earthbound life. This special angel/guide is charged with helping you identify appropriate goals and grow in maturity and wisdom throughout your time on this earth, so that you can find inner peace. If your able to divine the name of that angel/guide, it can further facilitate you being able to call upon that specific being.

This can be difficult, although there are ways of finding out their names – you may be told in a dream or in a meditation, or you could just simply send out love to your angel, ask and see if a name just pops into your head. If this IS the name of your angel/guide, then over the course of the next few days or so, it will crop up in all sorts of places and ways (perhaps on the TV, radio or newspaper). Three is the number of the Divine Truth, so if you receive the same name three times it will be a name of great significance. In the same way that we are assigned an angel/guide, everything in the Universe has an Angelic Angel too. For example, there a Guardians appointed by the Divine Creator for specific things like the stars, the elements, for animals, trees, color, creative endeavors, music and so on.
They are also appointed for all human life issues – problem solving – hope – creativity and self development and manifestation (miracles) – in fact, for all aspects of your daily life. All these angels would only be too glad to bring loving support to your life, or you can invoke them to help you, people or things that you care for, bearing in mind of course, that the angels always work for the highest good of all concerned. You have your ‘appointed’ guides/angels, but your angelic angel(s) are known as Gold or Silver angels (because they have no other aura except those two colors). Each of whom have a specific role in which they can bring you loving support. So long as your intent is honest and you are asking from the heart with love, you may call upon the power of those angels by name and receive the attendant gold or silver energy (this will be explained more later).


Depending upon your situation at the moment, you will be guided towards certain Gold or Silver Guardians of light/angels. To start inviting them into your life, you can invoke these angels in a special way in order to be able to actually feel their energy rays of pure, unconditional love. This may take a little practice, as you are going to be developing a new, sixth sense, within yourself, but please be patient – it will happen I promise you!

Every time you do this invocation from a loving heart, your own energy vibration will rise infinitesimally as you grow closer to the angelic realm, in due course you will start to feel their energy rays upon you, which composed of light and unconditional love make an interesting sensation when it happens.

You can invoke the angels whenever needed or as often as you need them, so long as you approach them in the right way and with loving intent. This is their role as given to them by the Creator, and they can be in many locations all at once, so don’t feel selfish or guilty for calling them down 30 times a day – ring the doorbell, and they will answer!! Light a white candle if you so wish.

To outline the basic philosophy:

• The ancient and sacred names of the actual angel itself (a prayer in themselves) will 
carry a specific vibration to call them to you.
• Three, is the sacred number of the Divine and manifestation of Divine Truth (eg. the Holy Trinity – the father, the son, the holy ghost).
• If you ask from the heart, they will always respond and never deny. 
With this manual, I will be giving you Angels names/pronunciations, colors and corresponding problem list. So you can literally ‘Dial-Up’ the right angel for the job! Once you have scanned through the A-Z troubleshooter list and you have found the particular problem that you so need help with right now. You start off by calling the particular angel you need help from (by name) THREE times. You then ask the angel for what you want. You then complete the invocation by saying the words “In Love & Light” 3 times, signifying that your intentions are true and your asking from the heart.

For example, lets say that my problem was a desperate need of new direction (in life, work, projects whatever), then I would need to call upon a Golden Light Angel called = NADIEL (nah-dee-el) = (so when you say the invocation, you would include the color of the angel in the list) this is how the invocation would go …..

“NADIEL, NADIEL, NADIEL, please come down round and about me, and place thy divine golden/silver light energy around me; I ask that you come to assist me in/with …..(you open up your heart here and tell the Angel what your sick of, and what you want him to do for you regarding your situation, that which you want to change, be honest and explain to him why you need this change/help) ……. I ask that this gift be given in and through your name, for the love and always for the good of all – In Love and Light, In Love and Light, In Love and Light – AMEN” !!

It may help to close your eyes to monitor the response of the angel in question, closing the eyes removes visual stimuli and you can therefore concentrate more on what your feeling.

There may not be a response, but if there is one, it may be a tingling sensation, warmth or a cool breeze, tingling to fingers or palms of hands, or feelings of contentment around your heart area … each angel will like to give you a different response, rather like a personal signature, so that you will gradually get to know each of them through your Clairsentience (this is the gift they will routinely bestow upon you anyway).
Don’t be alarmed or surprised if you feel the angel touch you (physically) it doesn’t happen all the time, but it can happen (especially if your upset or distraught at the time of calling them down) ….. they are beings specially created by the Lord God himself, therefore they will not harm you or frighten you. Angels are invisible beings, but they do have solid or physical body matter (unlike spirit guides) and if they wish, they can and will, appear to us in physical human form that can be touched and held.
Once you get to know the angels and their special roles in our lives, you can invoke the angel whose help you need and ask them more specifically for help with a particular problem. You will be amazed how even the most difficult and daunting situation will become easier to bear once you feel you have the loving support of the Angelic Realm on the case. With angels around, you are never alone. They will prove to you of their existence.


Abundance:-TUBIEL (too-bee-el) or ZADKIEL (zad-key-el)…Golden Light Angels
Acceptance:- ANANCHEL (ann-nan-shell)… Silver Light Angel
Affirmations & Color:- HAHLII (haa-lee).. Silver Light Angel
Anger Management:- PHALEG (far-leg) ..Golden Light Angel
Animals (tame):- HARIEL (harry-el)… Silver Light Angel
Animals (wild):- THURIEL (thoo-ree-el) …. Silver Light Angel
April Month:- TUAL (too-al) …. Golden Light Angel
Artistic Inspiration:- RADUERIEL (rah-der-ree-el)… Silver Light Angel
Aspirations:- GABRIEL …. Silver Light Angel
Astrology:- UMABIEL (oom-ar-bee-el)…. Silver Light Angel
August Month:- HAMALIEL (ha-marl-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Beauty(general):- HANIEL (harn-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Beauty(of the self):- HANIEL (harn-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Beliefs:- ARAD (aah-rad)…… Silver Light Angel
Birds (tame):- TUBIEL (too-bee-el) ……Golden Light Angel
Birds (wild):- ANPIEL (ahn-pee-el) …… Silver Light Angel
Broken Heart:- MUPIEL (moo-pee-el)… Golden Light Angel
Calculating Risks:- BARAKIEL (bah-rack-ee-el)…Golden & Silver Angel
Calming Emotions:- PHUEL (foo-el) …. Silver Light Angel
Change of Direction:- NADIEL (nah-dee-el) …Golden Light Angel
Clarifying Issues:- RAMIEL (rah- mee-el) …Silver Light Angel
Closure on a matter:- GELIEL (gell-ee-el) …Silver Light Angel
Comfort:- CASSIEL (Car-sea-el) … Silver Light Angel
Communication(verbal):- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Communication(written):- DABRIEL (dah-bree-el) …Golden Light Angel
Courage & Confidence:- CAMEAL (car-mee-al) …Golden Light Angel
Creativity:- URIEL (you-ree-el) …Golden Light Angel
Compassion:- CASSIEL (Car-sea-el) … Silver Light Angel
Choices:- TABRIS (tab-rees) … Golden Light Angel
Cleansing of life:- MATRIEL (may-tree-el) ….Silver Light Angel
Clairvoyance(development):- ASARIEL (as-ar-ee-el) …Silver Light Angel
Decisions to make:- ZURIEL (zoo-ree-el) …Golden Light Angel.
De-clutter your life:- TUAL (too-al) …Golden Light Angel
Depression:-SAVATRI (sav-hat-tree) ….. Golden Light Angel
Dreams & Hopes:- GABRIEL …Silver Light Angel
Destiny:- ORIEL (oh-ree-el) …Golden Light Angel
Feelings, voicing:- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Fertility of body:- YUSAMIN (yoo-sar-meen) …. Silver Light Angel
Fertility of mind:- YUSAMIN (yoo-sar-meen) …. Silver Light Angel
Financial help:- VASARIAH (vah-zar-ria) … Golden Light Angel
Finding lost things:- ROCHEL (row-shell) … Golden Light Angel
Forgiveness:- PHANUEL:- (fan-ooh-el) … Golden Light Angel
Free will:- TABRIS (tab-rees) … Golden Light Angel
Goals in life:- GABRIEL …Silver Light Angel
Good luck:- ANIEL (han-ee-el) …Silver Light Angel
Grounding in life:- GABRIEL …Silver Light Angel
Harmony:- CASSIEL (Car-sea-el) … Silver Light Angel
Healing:- RAPHAEL … Golden Light Angel
Healing the past:- PHANUEL:- (fan-ooh-el) … Golden Light Angel
Healing of hurts:- MATRIEL (mate-ree-el) …. Silver Light Angel
Health & Wholeness:- SOFIEL (soff-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Heartbreak:- MUPIEL (moo-pee-el)… Golden Light Angel
Heart’s desire:- PAGIEL (page-ee-el) … Golden Light Angel
Hidden talents:- PARASIEL (para-see-el)…. Silver Light Angel
Home/Work balance:- DOKIEL (doke-ee-el) …. Golden Light Angel
Hopes & dreams:- GABRIEL …Silver Light Angel
Jobs & Roles:- JOFIEL (Joff-ee-el) … Golden Light Angel
Jobs, changing:- NADIEL (nah-dee-el) …Golden Light Angel
Joy:- HANIEL (harn-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Judgement:- HADAKIEL (had-ack-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Leadership:- VERCHIEL (versh-ee-el) …. Golden Light Angel
Life Partners:- SHEKINAH (shakin-aah) … Golden Light Angel
Living your truth:- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Love, new:- MUPIEL (moo-pee-el)… Golden Light Angel
Love, sexuality:- AMABIEL (ham-ar-bee-el) … …Silver Light Angel
Loving relationships:- AMABIEL (ham-ar-bee-el) … …Silver Light Angel Loyalty:- ICABEL (ick-a-bell)
Lost things:- ROCHEL (row-shell) … Golden Light Angel
Lost animals/pets:- CHAMUEL (Sham-oo-el) …. Silver Light Angel
Moving house/Country:- NADIEL (nah-dee-el) …Golden Light Angel
Music & harmony:- TAGAS (tay-gas) …. Silver Light Angel
Negative emotions:- PHALEG (far-leg) ..Golden Light Angel
New projects commencing:- GENIEL (jean-ee-el) …. Silver Light Angel
Physical Health/wellbeing:- SOFIEL (soff-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Peace & Harmony:- CASSIEL (Car-sea-el) … Silver Light Angel
Patience in a situation:- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Past healing:- PHANUEL:- (fan-ooh-el) … Golden Light Angel
Poetry:- ISRAFEL (eyes-raff-el) … Silver Light Angel
Problem Solving quickly:- AMBRIEL (ham-bree-el) … Silver Light Angel
Protection:- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Psychic/Spiritual development:- ARIEL (air-ee-el)…Silver Light Angel
Principles:- ZADKIEL (zad-key-el)…Golden Light Angel
Pitfalls avoiding:- ZEPHON ( zeff-on) ….Golden Light Angel
Recuperation:- FARLAS (far-lass) … Silver Light Angel
Relationship problems:- HANIEL (harn-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Relaunch future:- SPUGLIGUEL (spoog-lee-goo-el)..Golden Light Angel
Right Job or role:- JOFIEL (joff-ee-el)….Golden Light Angel
Reconnect to life:- PISTIS SOPHIA (piss-tiss soff-ee-aah) .. Silver Angel
Strength:- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Simplify your life:- TUAL (too-al) …Golden Light Angel
Song:- TAGAS (tay-gas) …. Silver Light Angel
Self belief:- HANIEL (harn-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Transformation:- URIEL (you-ree-el) …Golden Light Angel
True Love values:- AMABIEL (ham-ar-bee-el) … …Silver Light Angel
Truth, getting it:- MICHEAL … Golden Light Angel
Tranquility in life:- PHUEL (foo-el) …. Silver Light Angel
Universal Peace:- SHEKINAH (shakin-aah) … Golden Light Angel
Voicing Inner feelings:- MURIEL …… Silver Light Angel
Washing away the hurt:- MATRIEL (may-tree-el) ….Silver Light Angel
Wholeness & Health:- SOFIEL (soff-ee-el) ….Golden Light Angel
Willpower:- RAPHEAL …Golden Light Angel
Wisdom:- ZADKIEL (zad-key-el)…Golden Light Angel
Work/Home balance:- DOKIEL (doke-ee-el) …. Golden Light Angel
Work/Home relationships:- HAMALIEL (ha-marl-ee-el)…Golden Angel
Worries & Stress:- IADIEL (eye-had-ee-el) ….Silver Light Angel

I hope this short guide has been some help to you on your path. Bright blessings.