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Nicole Newsom
Nicole Newsom James, known as a Spirit Talker, she is also an Intuitive, Energetic Healer & Teacher

Nicole Newsom James is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Grand Master, certified lypossage practitioner, sacred Lomi body worker, massage instructor (1999-2014) and CEU provider in the State of Texas (2009-2014) and a non-denominational minister (2009-2017). And after 19-years of service and educating students in the disciplines of Reiki, in 2017 Nicole Newsom James was honored to be appointed as a Reiki Grand Master. She has been in the field of holistic healing therapies since 1998.

During her training at the MRC School of Massage in Houston, Texas, Nicole traveled to Costa Rica to learn about the healing waters from the local volcano, Arenal. After graduation, she flew to Canada to study with the international lypossage guru, Charles W. Wiltsie III. She became the first of two lypossage therapists in Texas in 2001 and was approached by the Oprah Winfrey’s show 2002 to demonstrate this technique.

This launched her continuing aromatherapy study with The College of Holistic Studies (SourceVital.com) in Houston, Texas, in the removal of cellulite through detoxifying the body in a natural, holistic way, as an alternative to liposuction surgery.

After a painful relationship breakup, Nicole studied with Reverend Connie Whittaker in New Mexico to heal her broken heart and learn how to work with others to relieve their depression and grief. During this time she worked as what is sometimes called “the wounded healer.” Even though she was still in the healing process, she was able to work with her grief to take others to a higher emotional healing.

Once healed, she began searching for a body-work that could heal the mind without all the mental talk. She found it in one of our country’s most spiritual places, Hawaii on the island of Maui. Nicole found the ancient healing massage of Lomi Lomi (an art passed down from generation to generation) and the Hawaiian Spirituality of the Huna.

In 2004, Nicole studied in Montana with Sonia Choquette, a world-renowned six-sensory spiritual teacher. This experience honed Nicole’s clairvoyant abilities and helped her learn to release negative blocks.

Nicole’s workshops on Cleansing and Healing our Home, Office and Outdoor Spaces came out of moving into a new home and encountering a disruptive spirit. As a Reiki Master, Nicole took a step further beyond the body. She extended it into cleansing and detoxifying the work, home and outside environment by shifting the energy to release the old, stagnant, trapped and harmful energies and allowing balance to be restored and healing abundant energy to flow through it.

Nicole received her aromatherapy certification through The College of Holistic Studies, studied trigger point therapy with Dr. Ronald Romeick, Lomi Lomi with Amy Boorer [Nicole was published in the Hawaii Magazine (May/June 2002 issue) as the therapist to see in Texas for Hawaiian Lomi Lomi], lymph drainage therapy with Dr. Bruno Chickly, renowned author of the book, “Silent Waves.” She received her certification in LaStoneTherapy from Mary Hannigan and her Reiki Master/Teacher Certification through Ruth Ziegler and several other Master Teacher/Educators here in the United States.  Studied Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) with Cindy Spring  and Chios Healing Energy with Heidi Hoke, PhD.HH of Mineola, Texas.

Through her extensive research in the islands and Latin America, she also learned about other practitioners such as “Kahuna’s”, “Curanderos” and “Santeros” which has allowed her to expand her knowledge base in various avenues of healing rituals.

But, as a Reiki GrandMaster and Educator, Nicole believes that all life is a spiritual journey toward balance and healing, not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and soul energy levels. She believes Reiki reaches this balance in a non-invasive, private way.

TO SCHEDULE A “Remote Session” or On-Line CLASS WITH NICOLE:

Please contact via: Nicole@SpiritSenseLLC.com or +1 800 946-8508 toll free

Ms. Newsom travels to all 50-states (including Pureto Rico) so email is the best way to contact her directly.

Nicole is a phenomenal healer and teacher who has expanded my spiritual growth in the most intangible and tangible of ways. Her remarkable wisdom and multidimensional gifts of healing are blessings I am grateful for every single day. Her gentle, yet powerful soul has transformed my spirit world and gifted me with spiritual abundance and balance beyond my expectations! She intuitively knows exactly what my mind, body and spirit needs at every session without any words needing to be exchanged. Complete divinity! Treat yourself to a life-enhancing experience that is full of light and boundless healing with beautiful Nicole. From the moment you reach out, Trish, a kind soul, will greet and walk you through all the magical treasures that Spirit Sense has to offer. In complete trust and comfort, know that at Spirit Sense, you will be treated to healing modalities that will help you soar to your highest self! – Shanti Shiva


A special thanks to my dear friend, Mamta Chhabra, 

who encouraged me to continue my journey to

Reiki GrandMaster.