About Spirit Sense


Spirit Sense started out as a Healing/Educational Center in the Highland Village/Galleria area at 4100 Westheimer Road, and as it grew, it moved into a larger space right next to The Spectrum Center, thank you Rosa Glenn Reilly for your help in this endeavor.  Spirit Sense Center was at that location from 2002 until 2015 when the property was purchased and subsequently torn down.  Until that time, local and national healers gathered there to meet people of like minds, to exchange energy and knowledge with other therapists learning about their unique healing styles and abilities.

Spirit Sense Center has since branched off to include Spirit Sense’s Mobil School of Healing, started in 2009, where various communites ask us to travel and teach locally. And, our new on-line classes Shift Your Energy, Change Your Life, written by our founder Nicole Newsom James who has had 19+ years in the Alternative Healing field and was one of Houston’s First Reiki GrandMasters.

Our classes include students from all vocations in life: business men & women, mothers, accountants, students of all ages, pediatricians, veterans, nurses, dentists, police officers [first responders], massage therapists, psychic mediums, clairvoyants and other gifted people. Our speciality is in dealing with people who are plagued by anxiety and depression, as it has commonly been found that these people have spiritual gifts that are in need of being encouraged, protected and taught to be expressed in healthy ways. We have also helped the family unit including parents with “special needs” kids.  Nicole has also worked with not only people of the Christian faith and organizations, including the Sisters of Charity at the Ruah Center, Houston, Texas, from 2006-2014, but those of  various other faiths; Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim, clients as well.

Mobil School of Healing

Shift Your Energy, Change Your Life