What is a psychic attack?

A psychic attack is harmful energy that is sent from a person with the intension to inflict harm.  This may be done consciously or unconsciously and is called a thought form.   These thought forms may be sent because the sender feels jealousy, envy, anger or some other emotion towards a person.  As these thought forms accumulate in the aura, they may cause harm in the emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental state of a person.

Who is this attacker? 

It can be someone in your surroundings including friends or family members, although, it is not always intentional.

An example:  After my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, my childhood friend told me a story she’d overheard.  A good friend of my Dad’s told him that he was sure they were very proud of me as I was an accomplished, beautiful woman, inside and out, when my mother projected with “Well, she has a long way to go yet”.

I was stunned, as if someone slapped me across the face.  Instead of hearing a compliment from a friend, I heard a painful slam from my mother.

So, who was the attacker here?  My mother?  Or my friend who told me the story?

Please note:  if this psychic attack is done consciously, which means someone meant to harm another person, this becomes an evil act like black magic or even the evil eye.

Why would someone be attacked? 

The attacker is:

Jealous as the victim’s life is progressing forward while theirs is stagnant.

Envious of the victim’s looks, career, life partner or their accomplishments.

Blaming the victim.  They are not taking responsibility for their own life and, by default, end up blaming the victim.

What the attacker doesn’t realize is that the poison of his or her deeds will only hinder the victim of the attack, but will surely seal the fate of the attacker.  You see the attacker is actually weaker than the victim and disconnected from their spirit.

There is a theory that what goes around comes back around multiplied.  Those that consciously send harmful energies (thought forms) to others will attract back to them exactly what they sent.  My spiritual teacher once described a curse as where the sender actually sends the carbon copy to the victim while they keep the original.

How can you tell if someone is sending you negative thought forms? 

Symptoms may include the following:

Having nightmares: Dreaming very frightening and unpleasant dreams

Seeing the Attacker: in dreams, meditations, or thoughts

Experiencing fatigue: Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no apparent reason

Feeling pain: Having feelings similar to a heart attack or having a body ache in the same place and time on a regular basis

Having severe headaches: Having unusually painful and even severe headaches accompanied by vomiting or dizziness

Feeling confused: Questioning or doubting direction in life, even after having clear direction beforehand

Sensing being watched: Having the feeling of being watched and seeing shadows from the corner of the eye

Feeling suicidal: the desire to commit suicide

How Can You Prevent These Types of Attacks?

Name what is going on with you as an attack – You can identify with one of the symptoms and understand what is going on.

Then say a personal Mantra or Prayer.  This is a way to put your physical energies in the protection and healing of the words you use.  It also activates your natural intuitive abilities.

An example of a prayer that one of my students gave me and I later found on the www.foug.org website:

Mantra Prayer of Protection

Father-Mother God,

I ask that I be cleared and cleansed

Within the Universal

White Christ* Light,

The Green Healing Light,

And the Purchase Transmuting Flame.

Within God’s Will

And for my highest good,

I ask that any and all

Negative evil energies

Be completely sealed

In their own Light,

Encapsulated within

The Ultraviolet Light,

Cut off, and removed from me.


With neither love nor hate,

I return all negative evil energies

To their source of emanation,

Decreeing that they never again

Be allowed to reestablish themselves

Within me or anyone else

In any form.

I now ask that I be placed

Within a triple electromagnetic

Shield of the Universal

White Christ* Light of Protection.

And for this Blessing, I give thanks.


The word “Christ” is optional. Christ is an energy of Light — not a man. Many great teachers, such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha, were Christed beings. 

This is a very powerful prayer that immediately shifts your energy and that of your attacker.

Remember to avoid sending similar thoughts back to the attacker.  This will just keep the negative energy flowing between you and bring in additional people into your life of the same energy as like attracts like.

Send loving thoughts.  This is one of the simplest things to do and absolutely one of the hardest.  Love those who have harmed you.  When you do this, you break the cycle of pain, and you can heal.  This is what forgiveness is really all about: letting go of the pain of life.  When you do this, no matter who sends you negative energy, the energy won’t stick.  In your choice to send love to your attacker, you are at a higher energetic vibration than that person.  So the different energy vibrations will repel that which is not like you.

Hold on to this new energetic vibration.  Every time the attacker comes into your mind, it is important to visualize sending them Divine Holy Light.

I have a Christian background.  When I had an issue with one of my superiors at a law firm where I was employed, my spiritual advisor told me to put a holy cross over that superior’s head, and see Christ’s golden light raining down upon him.  This sounds like a simple thing to do, but I was still very upset by what had happened and didn’t want to bless him like that.

It took me a few days before I would follow this advice.  At first, it was very difficult to do.  But, after a while, I was finally able to do it with no negative thoughts (I faked it until I could do it for real).  So I was able to project a beautiful golden cross with light raining down upon him.  Now, overtime I thought of him, but I didn’t allow myself to think about what upset me in the first place.  I just visualized this energy.

I was then able to ask for a transfer within the same law firm and settled into my new position.  It was about 6 weeks later that my old supervisor came by my office and said he needed to speak with me.  I made time for him, and he proceeded to apologize for what had happen and his part in it.

How can this psychic attack be my ex? 

An ex-Lover or partner who is upset that you two broke up.  This is a repeating story among my clients and students who still feel the energies of their ex after the break.  They believe that it may be a Divine message to get back together or that maybe they made a mistake.  But, many times this is not the case.  Stay tuned for my next Blog –  What is energetic cording?

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