Interview of Reiki GrandMaster

Nicole Newsom James on Tough Talk Radio

by Linda Ballesteros of Power Talk

@ Tough Talk Radio Network

[transcribed from this link]

Introduction:  [about 25 min into program]

Nicole Newsom James is an incredibly powerful woman who teaches others about an energy modality that is called called Reiki.  Reiki has been around for probably hundreds and thousands of years and it is used to help people feel better, get unstuck and just feel a more healthy and centered in life…I am going to bring Nicole on so she can explain that a little bit better…I have had Reiki work done on me so I kind of know what it feels like afterwords, but I want to bring Nicole on and introduce everyone to Nicole Newsom James…welcome Nicole

Nicole: Thank you for having me..

Linda: Nicole, you and I have spoken about the healing work that you do and it is amazing how far it has come in the last five years and you even hear it on Dr. Oz’s show, he is really stepping out there these days.  I even hear that they are offering Reiki treatments at MD Anderson, one of the cancer hospitals here in Houston.

Nicole: Yes, and to mention about Dr. Oz, he actually has had a Reiki Master while he has been performing surgery in the surgical room with him.

Linda: Wow.

Nicole: That’s pretty cool isn’t it.

Linda: So tell us a little bit about those that are not really clear of what Reiki is – tell us a little bit about what that is.

Nicole: Well Reiki is traditionally called Universal Life Force Energy.  The work that I do is spiritually based so it is connected to a Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, if you will, but it is Universal LIfe Force energy, all that animates.  If you think about a computer and you think about how the computer can’t turn on without electricity, you have the computer body, the laptop body, then you have the software, how do they talk?

They talk through energy.

What is energy?  Energy is Universal Life Force, electricity is Universal Life Force energy and it takes many different forms, it is all the same thing, it is just expressed in different ways.

Linda: So when you are talking about energy, we have all heard that we are energy, everything is energy.  So what happens?  Is there a little twist or cork or something that happens that interrupts that energy flow?

Nicole:  Yes, actually a lot more people are familiar with acupuncture/acupressure and that deals with energy that gets stuck. There is a needle that gets injected into a particular spot where it’s block and as you turn the needle it opens up the energy.  Reiki is very much like that but you don’t have to have any tools to do Reiki.

The way that you would connect to Reiki is through an attunement and a Reiki Master would give you an attunement.

Just to take a couple steps back:  to give you a little information on Reiki.  Reiki has been around forever, since the beginning of time, the Big Bang.  Dr. Usui, a Japanese Sensi Master, actually came up with a technique of integrating it, he called it Reiki, it is a technique of steps for people to learn how to channel the energy, bring the energy into their bodies, heal themselves then start channeling the energy and using the energy on people to heal them.  We are not just talking about a physical healing, we are talking about a mental, emotional and spiritual healing, if you will.

In all these different areas, Reiki actually goes to the root of an issue.

Let’s say you are fighting with your spouse, the actual fight is a manifestation of other issues.  So, Reiki will go in and start working on those issues and sometimes you can’t heal while you are in that relationship, you will have to break up and then Reiki will guide you to these other areas that you can heal and you can understand what part you played in this and then you can come back together and have a healthy healing relationship.

Linda: So what you are saying is that the root of whether it is an emotional outburst or whether it is a physical disease, the root is where you focus or where Reiki is focused because without getting to the root, the issue is still there.

Nicole: Exactly, and the same situation will be created in a new relationship.  If you don’t actually heal the root of the issue, the same patterns, the same situations, will come up again.

Linda: For example, if I get upset and an argument starts every time my husband is 15 minutes late from work, then it has nothing to do with him being late from work, it might be an abandonment issue, or, a fear of something.  So you are saying that by stepping back and looking at that root cause, it can help us grow so much as individuals and keep from having the high blood pressure.

Nicole: Yes, but the nice thing about Reiki is that you don’t have to think about all of that.  When you come in and get a Reiki session, a hands-on-healing session or even a distance healing session, Reiki goes to that root and in your life, you will automatically be drawn to those things that can help you heal; whether it be a person who has more  knowledge that you need, whether it be for some reason that you take a different road home and you end up at a class that you need to take – Reiki draws you there.

Linda: So Nicole, if someone has never had a Reiki session, can you walk us through a session so it won’t be so scary because sometime things that we don’t know can sometimes be a little scary.  So for those that are not familiar with it; how do you start your session?

Nicole: An easy analogy would be a massage session, but you do not take your clothes off for Reiki.  You would lay on a massage table and then the Reiki Master would activate the energy.  There are a lot of systems that are put into play to protect you and protect the Reiki Master before the energies are open and activated.  Once they are activated, then the healing energy comes down through the Reiki Master into the recipient.  And, in the classes that I teach, I train the Reiki initiates how to do this; how to place the energy on.  A recipient of the energy would just be in a relaxed position, would probably have an eyepillow.  The Reiki Master would then have their hands placed either above or on the body of the recipient, never in any intimate areas, and the person receiving the energy would normally feel heat, which means a physical healing is going on, sometimes they may feel coolness which can mean a spiritual issue is healing.  Sometimes there is tingling that goes through the body.  Sometimes there is a massive energy surge when there is a release or when you are being recharged.  Just like the battery in a laptop when you plug in the cord.  If we don’t plug the battery, our body, into the Universal Life Force the battery drains.

Reiki recharges that battery within a person and then you stay connected and energized through the plug.   [A monthly Reiki session is recommended for preventative maintenance and overall health of your body.]

Linda: Just like with a computer as well, if we get overloaded and end up living a lot of our lives in this overwhelmed state then we get a lot of defunct energy and we need to do a defrag.  So in a way, Reiki is like defragging the body?

Nicole: Yes, it exactly is.

Linda: So then a person could expect maybe to have better energy afterwards, maybe a little clearer thinking, once some of that defragging has taken place.

Nicole: Yes, and Reiki is so good for anxiety and depression because it relaxes a person so that they can release the anxiety – it is almost Zen, in a way, where you don’t even have to meditate, you are receiving, it’s a passive meditation received from the Reiki Master.  As you are receiving all structures align, all structures open up, cells regenerate, your hormones balance, the brain’s chemistry balances.  It’s an amazing healing tool and all you need is yourself to do it. That’s it.

Linda: Wow.  That is amazing to me Nicole. And, like I said I have had sessions out there, I have even taken a little bit of Reiki training and I still don’t know who it works. But I just know that after leaving that I just feel so much better.

Nicole: It is one of the mysteries of life and I am sure one day science will be able to measure it.  We just don’t have something to do that at this point.

[Station Break]

Welcome back to PowerTalk this morning and we do have some powerful talk going on this morning with Nicole Newsom, who is a Reiki Master and teacher.

Linda: Nicole, how did you get started in Reiki?  What drew you to Reiki?

Nicole: Well, I was actually in massage therapy school.  I was going through a career change out of corporate america into my own business and I heard about a Reiki class and just knew I needed to take it.  It was like a magnet drawing me to it.  And, in the class, it was actually a weekend class Reiki Level I & II.  I took the class with an amazing teacher, my first Reiki Master. Before that training, I was actually using my own energy to heal people and so I was constantly getting drained and then I would get tired, and I would get cranky.  When I was in the class, she kept us focusing on using the Reiki energy.  And, I kept not using the Reiki energy, I kept using my own energy to the point that I passed out because I wasn’t using Reiki.

Then she attuned us again, the second level of attunement, and I was able to feel the energy a little bit more.  But, Reiki took a while to work on me.  I had a lot of stuff going on.  I had a lot things like transitioning out of corporate america into being in my own business, being my own boss and Reiki continued to work on me.

So I didn’t start teaching until about five or six years later.  I really needed to allow the healing.  When you get attuned, Reiki will work on you the rest of your life whether you acknowledge it or not.  It is there to heal you. It is there to help you.  Once you have gone through a class, received an attunement, it’s there. You can forget about it.  Well, it kept working on me, it kept cleaning things out and then I started thinking that I needed to become a Reiki Master.  I need to go to that next level.  Then I met a couple, Dody and Robert Carter, who are here in Houston, an amazing couple, both male and female energy and I was attuned by both of them for my Reiki Master Level.  And then it took a few more years before I actually desired to teach.  I was doing my massage therapy business, I was learning all these different modalities, of physical healing, working on the body, working with herbs, teas, vitamins, in all those different areas but now, it’s like with Reiki, it’s great to have all of these tools to work with, but Reiki is all I need now.  If I am working on someone, that is all I need to heal them.  I can refer them to teas, I can refer them to herbs and to other things that will help them, to crystals, to stone energies that can facilitate their healing while they are healing, but Reiki is really all there is. I can go anywhere at any time.  I don’t need to lug my massage table with me to do Reiki.

Linda: As I mentioned before, we do have a few callers, would you be up for a few questions?

Nicole: Of course.


Linda: We have Donna on the line.  Donna do you have a question or comment for Nicole?

Donna: Yes, I am a new client of Nicole’s and I would highly recommend her and I do have a question with regards to Reiki self-healing.  How would self-healing work if you are not receiving this good energy from someone else?

Nicole: That’s a very good question because a lot of times we do receive good energy from other people and we are in a bad space and so then we take too much of their good energy and we drain them, not meaning to.  With Reiki, if you are using Reiki you are tapping directly into the source, that is never going to be drained. You are going to receive good energy all the time.   I have students who activate their energy in the morning and they stay with it all day.  They know it is there, they know it’s recharging them.

We are such a fast paced society, we don’t have time to recharge anymore.  So this is a modality that you can take with you, activate, and you don’t have to pull energy from other people, you are pulling it from life.

Linda: Nicole, Donna mentioned something that I would like a little more clarification for the listeners.  She talked about “self-Reiki.”  So, are you saying that once you go to some of the classes then you can learn to use the Reiki for yourself?

Nicole: Yes, thank you for asking that. My Reiki classes are designed a little bit differently than some of the other classes.  I have been in practice for about 15-years teaching and working with the energy.  My Reiki Level I class is totally about you working on yourself.  And, activating the energy to heal yourself.  Or, say you want a particular job, you set your intent and activate the energy and work on yourself, some people compare it to a meditation or compare it to prayer when you are working on yourself and it magnetizes you to bring in what you want in your life.

Linda: It is wonderful to go to a Reiki Master to learn some of the techniques to get you through some of the difficult spots during the day to help with the anxiety until I am able to get into see you again.

Nicole: Exactly.

Linda: Let’s see about getting our second caller in. I believe that we have Aaron on the line.  Do you have a comment or question for Nicole?

Aaron: Yes, I have both actually.  I am actually a student of Nicole’s as I have taken her Reiki classes and I love it.  One thing that I really learned and took away when I took the classes was that intuition and Reiki go hand in hand.  Before I met Nicole and before I took a class, I was really practicing using my intuitive abilities and asking to receive information.  After I began doing Reiki, the intuitive side of me enhanced and not only that the intuition enhanced the Reiki and so now when I perform Reiki on people it is so much more enhanced because of the tie in between the two.

I was wondering if Nicole could expand upon how important intuition is when it comes to using Reiki.

Nicole: Oh, you ask a tough one Aaron.  When you have a certain amount of intuition, I also have a natural intuitive ability, I am a clairvoyant and I see things for people, and so what Reiki does for me is that it enhances my psychic abilities and it enhances my intuitive abilities so I can hone those skills and help people heal themselves.  Each person that comes in, I do an intuitive evaluation on how to heal them.  What Reiki does for me is that Reiki enhances my intuitive abilities, it clears out any blockages I have, it clears out any people in my life that are distracting me from my energy and it also empowers me and magnetizes me to bring people in to support my gift.  Reiki one on one, just using it for myself has given me clarity.  I am going through a personal breakup in my life [recorded in May 2012] and Reiki has facilitated me healing at a very very fast rate.   I am able to concentrate, I am able to work, I am able to function, I am able to move forward because of my Reiki.  I am processing, I am still going through, if you will, an internal counseling, but Reiki is just supporting all of this.

So the intuitive is enhanced. And, I have found that people who come to my classes normally have some type of intuitive ability.   Reiki releases it and helps them work with it.  Reiki has them not be afraid of it.  I had one client come in and she thought she was going crazy because she is telepathic.  She can actually sense and communicate through the mind with someone else.  I know that can sound far fetched, but it’s a reality.  You know all of the gifts that were in the Bible are actually happening now, people just don’t know who to talk to about them, they don’t know who to deal with and they don’t know how to be guided to help them develop and strengthen their own gift.  That is what I do and I do that using Reiki.

Linda: That’s wonderful Nicole.  It does go hand in hand and just like Aaron says a lot of times he was using his intuition and you had explained how you used yours.  I believe that many massage therapists, my daughter is a massage therapist, it just naturally happens when you start working with people but if they are able to leverage something like Reiki then you won’t be draining your own energy.  Source is infinite energy and you will be tapping into the Universal generator out there where you will never have to worry about tapping into your own energy.

Nicole: Isn’t that wonderful?

Linda: It’s beautiful.  It really is there for us to use.  If someone wants to schedule a session with you, how would they go about doing that?

Nicole: You may sign up on the website or (contact me at  Before you sign up for the class, you will actually want to experience a Reiki session.

Linda: If you want to set up a one on one session with Nicole please be sure to give her a call at 800-946-8508.

Thank you Nicole for coming out.  And I love letting people know that  there is another way to take good care of themselves.

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