Welcome to August Eclipse!

This month we go into an unsually heightened level of transition as two eclipses arrive (along with a strong mercury retrograde smack in the middle). The first is a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) occurred Monday, August 7 at 16 degrees Aquarius at 11:11 AM PST. The second is a total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21 at 11:30 AM PST.


Now, even though I do not fear these eclipses, they can cause upset in our lives that will get us to shift course on a new path.  Eventually we will understand why all the upset and shifts needed to occur.   The one on August 7 makes a beautiful trine to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and wisdom, meaning we will grow in these two areas. The August 21 eclipse in particular will bring a brand new beginning, literally wiping out what is no longer relevant and letting a truer path emerge instead.

Now if you find yourself having any issues with these two transformations, check out my new classes: Feel Your Spirit and Living the Dream which will help you overcome negativity and removed blocks on your way to your passionate new life.

Now, my own personal example of the eclipse energies which caught me by surprise:

I am going to start with my story this past week.

As most of you know, I have been in the Alternative Healing field for 19+ years, previously in the legal field 12-1/2 years and before that the Petroleum Industry for 10 years.  I have been traveling quite a bit so when my office property sold at 4100 Westheimer Road, I closed down my Reiki Houston School of Healing and started teaching out of my home and traveling abroad.  Out of necessity for my clients well-being, I started offering remote healing sessions.  I discovered that the energy worked much faster in a “remote healing” session rather than an “in person” one.  So as my clients rapidly healed their issues, they did not need me as much. And so I would give them a little training and some energetic tools to help themselves move through their issues.

Now, a couple of years later, I thought I should put all the knowledge from my school and individual healing sessions online to share with everyone, (especially for those who take care of others). Long story short, all my Reiki and alternative classes were put on the Spirit Sense’s website as of last week.  And, this is what happened:

I was working on myself as in a SelfReiki session, just like I teach in my classes. As I was scanning my body, I checked out my chakras.  I noticed that a while beam of light was on my stomach, like a circle radiating out from my belly button.  I was a little confused.  I have never seen a white light coming into me.  White has always been the “light” good energy.  This felt foreign, alien. I stopped it and then allowed it to start again.  Then I called Trish over and told her what was going on.  She checked in and ask Spirit to remove it if it wasn’t in my highest and best.  When she did that, the light dissolved.  I traced the path the light was coming from in my mind and the path went North.  I followed it up and over the North Pole across the sea to Russia to a small island called: Novaya Zemlya.  I found this weird.  So, I googled “Novaya Zemlya”.  And this is what I found on wikipedia: “Novaya Zemlya was a sensitive military area during the Cold War years and it is still used today.”  I also intuitively picked up on some connection to Hitler and psychics.  I thought I saw this when I first researched it but when I went back to copy it for you guys to read, of course, cannot locate anything on Hitler and psychics.  

Anyway, moving on, after Trish stopped the white light.  Within the next couple of days, my website was hacked and code was left behind.  The only files that were damaged and missing were the student class files.  This is what one of the pages looked like:  

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.30.47 AM

And, I had just figured out how to passcode pages on the website for the new class that started this week.  After the hack, all passwords were removed and the passcode codes were disabled.  

So, whoever hacked in left a calling card of a new user name and email address.  Here is a picture of it before it was removed:

website hacker email

“Nicolefinch3885, email: erikapi44v@mail.ru

I send an email to this address and it bounced back.  Still curious, I googled the mail server: mail.ru and found out it was a Russian mail server!


[For my students] Now, I do not know if we have talked about this in class.  But, once an energetic cord is removed (the white light on me), whoever was connected to that cord will contact you within 2-3 days.  I have had this happen time and time again when I have removed cords from my clients attached to their ex-partners [or ex-friends].  Always if that ex-partner was pulling energy away from the client, once the cord was cut, the ex calls, texts or emails within a short time later. It never fails. 

So, the cord was disconnected from me to Russia and then a day later my computer is hacked, specifically the student class documents from Russia. 

What are your thoughts?  

Today I worked on a Reiki level 1 student.  A month ago, everything was wrong in her life, her husband was not responsible and she was harping on him to change.  Also, very short on finances, but she still was drawn to have a session with me and then take the Reiki 1 Feel Your Spirit, self-care class. 

Long story short: Last week she was doing Self-Reiki on herself and she felt a presence in the room.  She felt like she should curl into a fetal position.  She resisted the urge and kept working on herself.  The feeling of being watched was so overwhelming that she pulled off her eye cover several times to see if anyone was actually there.  She also noticed that the hair on her back felt like it was standing straight up.  So when she turned in her homework, which summaries what happened, I immediately contacted her and asked her to have a session with me so I could read her energy.  

So, have you guys figured out what I found?  

An entity was attached to her aura.  I felt that this was a sexual issue from when she was younger, but not a child like I have experienced with this energy in working with other clients.  I told her that I felt that this entity was attached to her because of a sexual abuse, but she was not the one abused. She told me that her high school years were at a boarding school where she had two roommates.  One of the roommates had been raped and while she slept, she would have memories which felt like she was reliving the rape again and again.  My client was the only one who could calm her down before the EMTs would take her away.  This situation repeated many times while she was in High School.   

So what you may not know is that an entity is drawn to this type of environment.  It feeds on extreme feelings.  And, this entity attached itself to my client, who is now an adult with her own children.  

I then asked her if she has always had financial issues in her life.  She said it has been up and down.  When it was good it was really good but then it would change extremely to where she couldn’t even pay her phone bill.  This is also how entities affect us – financially.  

During the session, my client’s energy was perfectly balanced.  The work that she had been doing using Self Reiki every day was healing her.  But the attachment of the entity was causing havoc in other ways.  She was having issues finding time to do her homework, stressed and working two jobs.  It seemed like everything was getting in the way of her spiritual study and self-reiki sessions, but her will was strong and even though she turned her homework in late, she was still determined to do it.   You see the entity does not want my client to heal.  It likes feeding off of her energy and doesn’t want to loose it’s free meal so it creates issues in her life to stop her from continuing the healing work.  The attunement she received and her shear will, with the help of the Holy Spirit, pulled her though it.  

Another thing, I had custom blended an essential oil that essentially removes negative energies from her aura.  Her spray mist pump just stopped working.   She already had another spray mist bottle she received from me which is a self empowerment spray.  Same type of bottle but no issues with this other sprayer.  I had her send me a picture of the bottle and it looks like someone twisted the spray part of the bottle sideways.  

So, this situation leads me to my online classes.  I have noticed from my student’s comments, and personal sessions, that they were really enjoying and benefiting from the classes they were taking.  Not only were they being enlightened in the reading sections of the class but they were enjoying the feeling of the energy running through their bodies vibrating healing.   But, then it seemed like life got in the way, they started turning their homework in late, husbands or family members demanded their attention, and some even had to work longer hours than usual.  Now, since I have had an alternative healing school for years, there were always some instances where this can happen, but not every single student being affected at the same time.  It felt like something was trying to suppress this expansion of information from their consciousness.  

So after this hack of my website, I pulled my Reiki Students together, who were in the advanced levels of their study, and gave them directions on how to help me, my wife and protect the new website.  

Here is a sample of the work that one of my students did for us. 

August 7, 2017

 Yesterday, when I began the process of doing a distance session for both Nicole and Trish to protect them from anymore interference with the website and the work we are trying to do, I had a ton of trouble getting started with the session.   Something kept getting in the way.  I could feel that something was attached to me that did not want me to do this work, and I just couldn’t shake whatever/whoever it was. 

I had been staying with my friend Laura all week in Boulder, CO.  Laura had actually spent the night at her boyfriend’s house the night before, so I had the place to myself.  I was attempting to do the session in her home workspace where she gives therapy sessions for a living. 

After several failed attempts at getting started with the session, I asked Spirit what I should do.  And she answered, “Leave the house.”   OK.  Weird.

 I hadn’t showered yet, so I figured I’d hop in the shower and then go down to the neighborhood coffee shop I’d gone to several times this past week.  As I was getting ready, I noticed this fly that had been hanging around the house all week.  Laura had even commented that she couldn’t believe her pets hadn’t killed it yet.  At that moment, it dawned on me that the fly could be the entity/soul trying to interfere.   

So, I got to the coffee shop and tried to start the session again. 

Initially, it seemed as though it was going to work.  I did not sense the entity from Laura’s house attached to me anymore. 

I was reading over Nicole’s email with the instructions for the session on my iPhone.  Then, I figured it’d be easier if I just had the email open on my computer to refer to as needed during the session.   So, I pulled up the email on my laptop and read through everything again before actually starting. 

Then I began the process of establishing connection to Nicole for the session.  I looked up, and my computer had timed out and dimmed or even went to full black.  But that’s pretty normal.  I pressed something on the computer to bring the email back up, but the moment the screen lit up again, I was bumped to whatever the next email in my inbox was. 

At first, I thought I’d just hit a wrong button.  But, no.  Nicole’s message had disappeared.  Yeah.  Nowhere to be found. 

OK.  I had not closed out of the email on my phone from earlier, so I figured I’d just go back to it on my phone.  Come to find on the screen, “Message no longer exists.”

WTF?!?!?!!  This shit is crazy.

It was then that I fully understood the reality of what is going on.  I immediately texted Nicole and said I was getting major interference. 

She called me right away, and I told her everything, and even she seemed pretty amazed. 

She talked me through my next steps.  

I created a Ki Ball to protect all of my electronics.  She resent the email with all the instructions for the session.  I actually then transferred the pertinent information to paper just in case something weird happened again.  

From that point, I was able to FINALLY do the session. 

***NOTE – Even as I type all of this, I can feel something that doesn’t want me to write it.  Doing my best to put all protections in place. ***

 I began working on Nicole with all the intentions that she had set.  (As I write this, I am getting nauseous.  The light above the table I’m sitting at is also kind of flickering.) 

 The session felt fairly typical until the moment I finished at the root chakra.  I immediately felt very heavy, tired, and somewhat nauseous.  I quickly closed out the session with the medicine wheel, and in that moment, I got a text from Nicole that said, “Are you working on Trish?”

 I called her and explained that I’d just finished working on her, Nicole.  She said that Trish was getting a headache and feeling sweaty all of a sudden… I was worried that I’d done something wrong at first, but when Nicole explained to me what was going on, that made me feel better. 

One thing to note, I have never been in such a hurry to disconnect from a session before.  I felt so heavy, hot, and nauseous.  It was really intense, and I did NOT like it at all.

As soon as I got off the phone with Nicole, I disconnected from the session and pretty quickly started to feel better.  

I didn’t want to mess around with any of this energy, so I did self-reiki before moving on to Trish’s session. 

That went fairly smoothly and without the intensity from Nicole’s session.  I did the energy ball for the business, and got the hell out of dodge.  I’m so glad I was able to do everything I needed to do, but it was all just so exhausting.

Forgot to mention the whole reason I was not able to do the session at Laura’s house.  Nicole told me that Laura had a negative entity attached to her that was also attaching itself to me.  

Nicole said it was from something that had happened to Laura 4-5 years ago, and she suggested I talk to her and do a session for her to detach the entity. 

I felt weird at first about approaching Laura and telling her that I needed to do a session on her.  Nicole had me wrap myself in blue, then gold.  And then wrap Laura in gold and touch our bubbles together to create a receptive energy around it.

Laura and I basically ended up having this huge energetic counseling session which, I believe, was showing me what my work is going to look like in the future.  She had HUGE light bulbs go off and began to release energy before we even did Reiki.  

Her Reiki session was pretty powerful, and she was elated afterwards. 

One of my biggest realizations/acceptances this week was the truth that I know and see way more truth than I wanted to declare.  There has been a part of me that thought, “I’m just a beginner.  How can I know all of these things?  How can I see all of these things?  How can I trust that what I see is true?”

What I found is that the more I accepted my gifts for what they are, I could see even more.  And the information flowed even more freely. 

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that this all happened on my last day in Boulder.  I was to fly back to Houston on a 7:30 pm flight.  

I normally NEVER buy an evening flight, but I think this one was cheaper, or the only other option was 6 am or something.

I got a text while Laura and I were talking that my flight was delayed by an hour.  I wasn’t aware yet about bad weather around the country. 

So, this gave us more time together for our session, and we were able to go grab some dinner on the way to the airport. 

I got to the airport, and even though I had my boarding pass on my phone, I still wanted to print out a physical copy when I got there.  

Lo and behold, at the electronic kiosk where you enter your bag for bag check and have the option for printing a boarding pass, the machine wouldn’t print it for me.  Right away, I knew there was an entity that did not want me to get home. 

I actually freaked out.  I started worrying that whatever/whoever it was, they would try and make my plane crash.  Since I am new at all of this, I’m still learning about what kind of powers these entities do and do not have over us. 

I immediately texted Nicole and asked her to check my energy to see if she could see the entity, and she confirmed that there was indeed someone interfering.  

She gave me this to say, “Reiki On.  Protections in place.  I will get home at a very fast pace.” 

I said this about a million times from that moment until I finally landed in Houston.  I could feel that I was actively being protected during the entirety of the flight.  But I could also feel this entity working REALLY hard to mess with me.  I kept getting really hot and sweaty.  I would just keep saying the protection mantra and sealing in the protection with the medicine wheel and my other protection symbol that Reiki attuned to me this past week.  

I actually did find some power in my efforts to get the entity to leave.  I had to get really firm and loud with him.  I would draw my symbols and actually say “GET THE F- OUT!!!!” 

I am not used to using that kind of energy very often.   So, even though, I was in and out of a lot of anxiety for the entire flight, there were moments of real empowerment. 

Spirit also told me that these entities can’t actually hurt you.  They have just enough power to scare you and maybe cause some disruption (electronic interference, etc.), but our own Spirit and Love is more powerful than anything.

It didn’t help that our flight was extremely turbulent about half the time.  But in those moments, I just asked Spirit, “What do I do?”  And her answer was “Love.  Open Love”. 

It was surrender.  Surrender to the power of Love.  

Long story short, we had energetic cords, negative energies, etc. removed.  And with all the students working together in the energy it was a powerful session for both of us. 

Later that evening, I could see with my intuition so much clearer than I have in a long time.  I was totally unaware that I had only been using a small portion of my gifts.  My wife’s anxiety immediately went away along with other things clearing up and we both felt empowered and very proud of our students and the work we have done with them.  

Now now that we are on the other side of that chaos, I have found a positive side as to why things have happen.  As far as my business goes, I needed a new host for my website.  The site needed more expansion and growth, along with new artwork and ideas.  My site was created by an amazing artist, but he has since moved on to bigger and better things and I have been hobbling along for the past two years on my own.  Now, I am with a hosting company where I can chat, ask questions and get immediate answers on how to do things while I am working on the site.  And, I have gotten off my butt and enrolled in classes to help me know how to do additional new, interesting tech stuff on the website.  Yeah!

Trish and I feel totally blessed with the work we do and how amazingly talented our students are.  This definitely affirms for us that we are going to continue teaching and supporting our students growth in spirit and of using their individual gifts in practical ways in their everyday life.

I know for some people, this blog may be a little out of their comfort zone.  But, this stuff is real.  People do have the gifts of the Spirit and are using them now, in this day and age to help people and spread the knowledge that the Holy Spirit lives within each of us.  All we have to do is access it, believe it and watch the miracles unfold.

Photo Credit:  Mosaic taken by Nicole Newsom James in Sedona, AZ, 2013

This mosaic, designed by Marguerite Staude (1899-1998), is located just outside the entrance of the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ.

Lots of contextual iconography here:

“The dove symbolizes both the Holy Spirit, with its flaming tail and wings depicted with red tiles, as well as the Dove of Peace, with the olive branch in its beak.  The receding of the Great Flood is suggested by the colors of the tiles in the negative space:  blue (water) and green (land).  The curved swath of deeper blue tiles bisecting the mosaic suggests water more forcefully, referring to the sacrament of baptism.  The juxtaposition of Great Flood and baptism iconography alludes to the deluge prefiguring the sacrament.  One could also argue that the mosaic more broadly represents the Old and New Testaments.”  – Sue

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