All Classes in 2017 Starting 

4th of September 

2nd of October 

6th of November 

4th of December 


Feel Your Soul’s Energy involves learning tools to connect with your Soul’s energy, and using a Reiki System of teaching to raise your energetic vibration to heal the past so you may empower your future.  This section is the equivalent a Reiki Level 1 class and you will receive a completion certificate.

Reiki Level II – Live Your Dream!


  • Learn the Tools to Bring Your Dream into Reality so you can Live Your Dream.
  • Learn how to send energy into your past and project it into your future to protect yourself and your child, partner, home.
  • Learn the complementary tools of Crystals, the Grid & the benefits of dousing. 
  • Then Learn how to work on Family (children & the elderly), Friends and Your Community.

Couples Healing & Bonding Class


1)   Couples’ Self Healing

2)   How to calm your mind when you get triggered
3)   How to Balance your relationship energies (specifically Chakras, Aura & Meridians), for better communication, achieving goals, and family time
4)   How to clear negative cording from old relationships and current relationships
           Negative cording is where a person’s energy is connected to you
and is draining your energy or giving you negative thoughts.
 (Some cultures call this the Evil Eye.)
5)   How to energize your partner’s body for healing, after long work hours, or in high performance sports.
6)  Support each other in your family rolls as parents and recovery from illness or even addictions
7)  Support each other through work or school, no matter what your age.
8)   How to recover from Loss and Work Your Way through grief, and many more.
9)   Learning how to use the complementary tools of the Rainbow chakra set and the value of Spirit Spray Mists to assist you after your attunement process.
10)  Connect directly with your Spirit Relationship Guides

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