What happens during a Reiki Energetic Massage?

The art of Reiki has been used for many years to aide in healing and promote well being.

A Typical Reiki Session

I am going to describe a typical “Reiki Session” (aka Reiki Massage) for someone who may never have had a Reiki session before. I know it can sometimes be a little scary to try something that we are unfamiliar with, so to ease your mind, let me start with something that you might currently be familiar with like a relaxing massage.

An easy analogy for a Reiki session would be a massage session. The difference is that you do not take your clothes off for a Reiki session. You would lay fully clothed on a massage table and the Reiki Master/Practitioner would activate the energy, then lay hands-on your body or work in the aura [the energy around your body], never touching any intimate areas. You and your body are treated with great respect at all times and there are a lot of systems that are put into play to protect you and protect the Reiki practitioner before the energies are open and activated. Once they are activated, then the healing energy comes down through the Reiki practitioner into the Recipient. In classes I teach, I train the Reiki initiates how to do this; how to turn the energy on. A Recipient of the energy would be lying down on their back. The therapist would place an eye pillow on them to allow for a deeper response. The practitioner’s hands would be placed either above (or directly on the body) of the recipient. The person receiving the energy would normally feel a calming heat from the palms of the practitioner’s hands.

If you feel heat coming from the hands of the practitioner that usually means a physical healing is going on in the body. Sometimes a client may feel coolness which may mean a spiritual issue is healing. The client may also experience heat, cold or a light tingling sensation that goes through the entire body. Sometimes there is a massive energy surge when there is a release or when you are being recharged. Just like the battery in a laptop when you plug in the cord. If we don’t plug in the battery, our body, into the Universal Life Force the battery drains. A Reiki session recharges that battery within a person.

A monthly Reiki session is recommended for preventative maintenance and health of your body.

Just like with a computer, if we get overloaded and end up living a lot of our lives in this overwhelmed state then we get a lot of defunct energy and we need to do a defrag. So receiving Reiki, in a way, is like defragging the body.

After receiving a Reiki Session, a person may expect to have better energy, feel lighter, relaxed, clearer thinking, even happier. Children with anxiety, mild depression or even Attention Deficit Disorder have responded feeling “lighter” and just “happy” only moments after their Reiki Session.

Reiki is so good for anxiety and depression because it relaxes a person so that they can release the anxiety – it is almost Zen, in a way, where you don’t even have to meditate. You are receiving energy with the results like that of a meditation. As you continue Reiki sessions your structures align and open up, cells regenerate, your hormones balance even the brain’s chemistry balances. It’s an amazing healing tool and all you need to do is open up to receive the energy – that’s it.

Isn’t that amazing?

It is one of the mysteries of life and I am sure one day science will be able to measure. We just don’t have something to do that at this point in time.

If you are interested in receiving a Reiki session or taking a class to learn how to do this for yourself or a loved one, email Nicole@SpiritSenseLLC.com.

Reiki Classes

Once you attend a class, you will be able to learn to use Reiki for yourself for “Self Treatments.”

My Reiki classes are designed a little bit differently than some of the other Reiki classes. I have been in practice for over 15-years teaching and working with the energy. My Reiki Level I class is designed to be totally about you working on yourself, activating the energy to heal yourself or energize you to attract that which you desire to have in your life. Let’s say you want a particular job, you set your intention and activate the energy to use on yourself, some people compare it to a meditation or compare it to prayer when you are working on yourself. As you work, the energy starts working on your intention and it magnetizes you to bring in what you desire in your life. We also address complimentary therapies like balancing the chakras through adding crystals, essential oils and sound therapy.

Reiki Level 2 is about distance healing, working on others – such as family members, pets, your home and environment. A distance healing session is where you send energy to a person or situation in another part of the world, across town or just across the room. We cover the use of crystal grids and additional complimentary therapies.

Reiki is so good at Spirit Sense: Nicole Newsom works with and teaches people how to empower themselves and problem solve through a form of self-healing called Reiki.

Nicole customizes her classes and healing sessions to what is going on in each of her clients’ lives by energetically locating what is keeping them from healing and/or moving on with their lives. People who seek her services are those who have exhausted all other means of help; i.e., counselors, therapist, doctors, acupuncturists, drugs, etc.

Some of her clients have stated:

“…no lower back pain after one Reiki session with Nicole”
Melba D., Houston, Texas
“…a consistent pain since surgery dissappeared after just 30-minutes of Reiki”
Shannon D., Texas
“I no longer wear my night guard after three sessions of Reiki and now do a once a month session as preventative maintenance”
Margaret F., Melbourne, FL.
“…after multiple deaths in my family, my depression and withdrawal drove my husband away and the doctors replaced therapy with anti-depressants, I decided on an alternative therapy of Reiki treatments, I am now off medication, and am in a different shift of joy-filled energy in my body and spirit.”
LuAnn F., Utah

Along with our Reiki Treatments, our individual Reiki practitioners bring their own individual gifts to the therapy session.

Please click on “About Our Healers” for more information on each individual therapist.

Benefits of Reiki:

Effects and benefits of Reiki on you and the recipient of Reiki.
Reiki Balances and works on four levels of existence: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual
Reiki Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself
Reiki vitalizes both body and soul
Reiki balances the body’s energy
Reiki balances the body’s emotions
Reiki increases your awareness (of self, others, universe, etc.)
Reiki increases creativity and mental ability
Reiki adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient
Reiki cleanses the body of toxins and unwanted thought patterns
Reiki releases stress and promotes a state of total relaxation
Reiki may cause some initial discomfort because the body starts healing at a faster rate
Reiki energetically charges the practitioner and the recipient at the same time

For the Reiki Student:
The more you practice – the stronger the energy will be that flows through your hands and body