SelfReiki Steps

The Art of Giving Reiki to the Self

  1. Prepare the room (candle, incense, music) It is here that you will use your Spirit Spray Mist around your aura and let it embrace you like a light rain down upon your body.
  2. Now prepare your mind (deep breaths, quiet the mind)
  3. Recite the Reiki Precept of Mikao Usui (and/or Your Personal Prayer)
  4. Prepare your body, (sit up or lie down, eye pillow optional)
  5. Connect to your energy, visualize three bubbles around you. (1) your aura – known as the rainbow bubble, the sky blue bubble which brings the healers into your energy and (3) the golden bubble which brings in the Angelic energies of protection as gold is the purest color. Then activate your Reiki symbols (use all the symbols from the Reiki level you are currently at) by drawing the symbols first into each hand, then in your aura.
  6. You may set an intention for this Reiki Session (what you would like the energy to do for you.)
  7. Take your Rainbow Chakra Set and pull a stone out of it.  Place your hands on the chakra that the stone corresponds to and leave your hands there until the energy stops.  (make a mental note of your experience for your journal)
  8. In a Self Reiki Session, you do not need to Disconnect from the energy as the energy will naturally dissipate over time.
  9. Note in your journal your experience & drink plenty of water the next few days.

*Preparing the Mind for Reiki:  If your state of mind is clear and open, you will be able to connect on a much deeper level than a mind which is full of your own fears and distractions.  This clear and open mind is called the “mind set.”  You can create the pure mind set by using meditation (I use the Zen breath meditation), you may recite the Reiki Principles of Mikao Usui.  Some people just visualize themselves floating on a cloud, light as a feather.  Just use any method which you are familiar.  Correctly connecting to Reiki as an energy source will protect, purify and empower your own energy body.