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Reiki does not require any special skills, inherent healing ability or spiritual beliefs.
To become a Reiki healer, you do not need years of study, reading or memorization but taking the knowledge offered in the class.

The REIKI energy received during attunement, then practicing on your own, asking questions of the Teacher as they arise.

By receiving energy attunements and some basic teachings from a Reiki Master, anyone with a desire to learn can practice the Art of Reiki healing.

Self-Healing On-Line Interactive Class – Reiki Level 1

I recommend this class to you who “take care of others first.”  You will receive an introduction into your own world.  You will learn techniques to connect directly to your true self.  This is not just theory, but you will walk away with the knowledge and skills to work on and heal yourself.    Learning to take care of yourself not at the expense of others, but actually to their benefit.  A better you means a better wife, mother or husband, father and healer for them.  The biggest benefit is that you will have rekindled an innate fire and passion in your own life.

Reiki Level 1 is about providing you a foundation in Reiki.  You will not only learn how to activate and harness the energy to heal yourself, you will learn how to attune your energy to draw to you your perfect career, partner or whatever it is that you are desiring to bring into your life.  When you shift your energy, you can change your life.
The tools you will learn are specifically:
1)   Self Healing
2)   How to calm your mind
3)   How to Balance your Chakras
4)   How to clear negative cording from old relationships and current relationships
           (Negative cording is where a person’s energy is connected to you and is draining your energy or giving you negative thoughts.)
5)   How to energize your body
6)   How to recover from Loss and Work Your Way through the five stages of grief, and many more.
Currently, I am teaching remotely via email, iPhone, and “out of the country” classes via email and WhatsApp and Viber.  I do have scheduled group classes in Houston, Texas and I travel to different parts of the country as requested.
What my students like about the online class is that it is tailored to meet their individual needs.  You will be sent a questionnaire to give me some information on how I can best tailor the class to meet your needs and then I will start emailing you class information once a week for four weeks.  You will turn in homework each week and when you understand and can access all the knowledge, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level 1.
The Cost of this class is a one time fee of $275.  There is an additional cost for supplies $49.99 (free shipping/handling). This class starts at the beginning of each month.
SIGN UP NOW…Just go to this link, type in $275, once paid, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and to be returned before the start of class.


What some of my students say about their Reiki Level 1 Class:


The most important thing I learned in class was doing Reiki every day, especially in moments sadness, anger, etc. And the second most important would be protecting my aura form outside energies.
Abby Seible, Houston, Texas, 2017
The most important thing I learned in Reiki 1 was C H A K R A S!  Being able to open, clear negative energy, balance, bring in positive energy, place an intension for 7-days and bring energy back to the grid.
Katy Davis, Houston, Texas, 2017


This class is for those of you who want to understand “string theory” – how you can send healing to anytime in your life – past events, future events and even soul retrieval.  You will learn how to work on others, without picking up “their stuff.”  You will learn how to use tools like the crystal grid, which helps you work on others at a distance (remotely).  And, how to speak directly to your Higher Self for direction on your life path.

The Cost of this class is a one time fee of $350.  This class starts the last Monday of each month.

The ART of Reiki – Advanced Reiki Training

$799.00  Advanced Reiki Training (you may take this individually or in the Reiki Level 3 Class Certification class); specific work on various types of people, illnesses, and protocol for each.  Advanced Psychic Protection Techniques that every therapist needs to know when working with extreme illness.

$1,999.00  Reiki Level 3, which includes Advanced Reiki Training, The Business of Reiki: What you need to know to open your own business (forms and documents provided), Teacher Training: Reiki Levels 1,2 and 3 educational books are available to re-market under your name.

You will receive a certificate for Completion of Reiki Level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher Educator and will be able to certified Reiki Masters.

Individual classes (Prerequisite Reiki Level 1 & 2)




What our students are saying:

Hot Hands! – I took Level 1 & 2 classes to learn more about Reiki and to be able to facilitate self healing and help my family. I know it works. Nicole has performed Reiki on me with results. I felt if I could “receive” the energy, I could also send it. I can feel the heat emanating from my hands during a session. My mother was the recipient of several sessions over a week due to a shingles outbreak. I could feel the heat from my hands and said she could also feel the heat from my hands. What is amazing to me is that the heat, pulsing sensations, and/or vibrations ebb and flow depending on where the energy work is needed. I am happy to have this new skill. I believe Nicole is a very good teacher and healer.
Darla Stange, Houston, Texas
Classes – So far I’ve taken Reiki I and II from Nicole and have really enjoyed it. Nicole is a wonderful teacher and did a great job. I love the new friends I made during class and, now, getting together with them to practice and work on each other. Nicole’s studio is very relaxing and everything she does is very professional.
Sara R., Houston, Texas

You can learn to heal your pets too!!!

Kitty Crash We have an outdoor kitty who came to live on our property after a hurricane. She’s been with us for years now. Someone was turning around in our driveway and struck this lovely animal. She was dragging her back legs and seemed to be in a great deal of pain. Nicole sent Reiki to this poor baby, at first over distance due to her staying out of reach. Then she continued with hands on healing. She is doing well and is again extremely friendly and loving. Thanks again.
Kathleen N., Houston, Texas