By Caroline Todd

. 1  What is psychic
. 2  Meditation
. 3  The Chakras
. 4  Auras
. 5  All the Clairs
. 6  Protection techniques
. 7  Further Intuition Exercises


First and foremost everyone is psychic to some degree or other. We all possess the ability to perceive things beyond the normal 5 senses of sight, sound, sense, taste and smell. Some people are more aware of this ability than others. Some choose to use it and others do not. However, what you can do is learn to use this ability like any other skill you have, painting, sewing, singing, etc.


There are several different ways to use psychic ability. We will focus on Intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience. More about that later.


This question has people divided all over the world. Remember that the way we see the world is through our own eyes which have experienced our own thoughts, feelings and experiences. The same is true of everyone else. Therefore, what “spiritual means to you or me may mean something completely different to someone else. I have come across some very accomplished psychics who, in my opinion, are not very spiritual people – and they may have the same opinion of me. So the two do not necessarily go hand in hand. Being psychic is simply an ability or some people term it as a gift and it does not depend upon spiritual progression. That said you are more likely to be successful (and happier with your “gift”) if you do it for positive reasons and want to help others.


The first real help to developing psychic ability is a positive attitude. This combined with the ability to relax and imagine. Trust also plays a major part. For many people learning to trust themselves alone is a major feat. Once you accept that you have the ability to be psychic then you have overcome a massive hurdle. The rest is practice. Depending on the degree of how psychic a person is depends on how much they use the ability. A runner has to learn to run and then to learn strategies within that to enable them to win. We all have this ability we just choose not to follow it.


Research has shown that a positive state of mind does increase your psychic
abilities. The more positive and enthusiastic you are, the better able you are to use your psychic potential. This is because your energy (or aura) when relaxed stretches much further. Negative thinking or excessive skepticism (some skepticism is healthy), will impede your psychic abilities as your energy shrinks back and remains close to the body.
To help keep positive there are a number of things you can do: 1. Read positive and/or uplifting books/magazines etc.

2. Use affirmations that enhance your positivity. Write them down (or print them out) and put them in places where you can see them. Repeat them out loud if you can. If not say them silently to yourself several times a day. This will develop a habit and will become like second nature to you. Not only will this help to increase your psychic ability but will help you overcome issues you may have in your life.


Relaxing makes a difference to your ability to recognize different energies. If you are uptight or have things constantly on your mind it is much more difficult to expand your energy to sense anything. Therefore being able to relax will clearly help you to increase your psychic ability. Relaxation not only affects your body but also affects your mind.


Put on some relaxing music if you want or just sit in silence if you prefer. Choose to sit in a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the floor. Just place your arms and hands in a position that’s comfortable for you. Some people like to have their palms facing upwards during the day to absorb the sun, downwards at night to absorb the moon rays. This is a matter of preference and, in my view, not necessary. Close your eyes.
Take in a deep breath in, feeling your abdomen expand with air and then breathe out slowly. Next just take a couple more deep breaths to send the relaxation feeling throughout your body. Then start to breathe normally again in a way that’s comfortable for you. Nice and relaxed. Imagine when you breathe in that you are protected and all is well. When you breathe out imagine that all tension, stress, problems and concerns are released.

Move your consciousness to each area of your body, one section at a time, beginning with your feet and ankles. Imagine your feet and ankles at peace and completely relaxed.
Do this upwards through your body, to all areas including your lower legs, knees, upper legs, and hips – relaxing each as you go. Don’t rush – the aim is to relax your body.
Go upward through the trunk of your body with its many organs. In your imagination focus on each section as you relax.

Move up to your chest, back, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, and hands. Clearly focus on each as you relax it.

Your neck, head, face, and brain are now totally relaxed as well. Know that this is so. Feel it within as you feel peace and calm.

While you enjoy this feeling of relaxation become aware of a special place within you. You know where it is – the centre of your being, and move your awareness to that place. You automatically recognize it and “know” that it is that part of you still connected to the purity that is God, the oneness of all creation. This is a place of perfect love, perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect knowing. Just be there, safe and warm, secure in the knowledge that you are wonderful, and that you have the right to be who you are.
When you are ready come back to full conscious awakening slowly. Keeping the feeling of relaxation, and energy renewal with you. Open your eyes and welcome back.
With practice and training you will be able to reach your inner centre without much effort. A few deep breaths should be enough to free your mind from its present state, and take you there. Relaxation is the key. Intent is what makes it happen.


All that we know, all that we think is processed in the imagination. This is how we function. The imagination does not know the difference between something you are thinking and something that is real. Using the imagination frequently helps to hone your psychic ability. The imagination enables you to visualize possibilities, to act out in your mind and rehearse before you physically perform any given task. Athletes use this ability to great advantage. Artists too use their imagination for creation. The imagination is the tool that helps you understand and succeed in anything.


To be able to use your imagination in a creative process, particularly psychic ability, there does need to be some kind of self discipline. Therefore, it is important that you train yourself to visualize carefully and in detail.

Place an apple (or anything you can think of really) on a table in front of you. Look at the apple. Note its contours, blemishes, features. Now close your eyes. Try to still see the apple in your mind’s eye (imagination). Does it still look the same as when your eyes were open? Are there differences?

Open your eyes and compare the real apple in front of you with the apple you saw in your mind’s eye and try again.

Practice holding the image inside your head, until what exists in your imagination exactly matches what exists on the table in front of you. For some people they can do this quite easily. For other people it takes quite a bit of practice. You may even find you have the ability to recreate certain objects better than others.

Practice with other items, even walk through unfamiliar environments, using the same technique, until you can visualize in your mind what you see with your eyes – with the same exact detail.

Eventually it will become easier and will become like second nature to you (a habit). You can expand this ability to include smell, taste, sounds, textures, and feelings. The better you can imagine, the more psychic you can be.


Meditation is not only good for developing your psychic abilities it has all sorts of excellent physical benefits for the body. Increased concentration, relaxation, stress release and more acceptance and tolerance are just a few things that can be helped. In addition, the mind and body come closer together in harmony when we use meditation.
Some people believe you should sit in a chair when you meditate. I believe that it does not matter if you sit or lie down to meditate. If you are going to be any length of time it is better to be relaxed lying down than becoming cramped sitting up. There is the chance that you may become too comfortable that you fall asleep. However, the choice is yours, there is no mystical reason at work here.

Some people like to follow a guided meditation. This is an excellent way to start your meditation practice as it gets you into the habit of relaxing and following a certain path. Once you become a little more adept you may prefer to meditate on your own without intervention from music or a guide. You may choose to focus on a word (mantra) or a candle flame. Some people like to focus on their breathing allowing thoughts to subside. Whatever your preference – experiment.


In order to be able to expand your psychic abilities and use other abilities such as clairaudience it is essential that you learn to quieten the mind. This is doubly important if you want to communicate with spirit guides or receive information from people in the afterlife. Meditation is an excellent way to do this.

Even though you may be able to relax as per the preceding exercises sometimes this isn’t enough to make the mind still. You need to find an element of calm & quiet. This will become like a habit and will be easier to access with practice, but if you are not used to it you may find it a bit difficult at first. However, with practice you will become much more adept.

If you are aware of your thoughts and emotions it is much easier to know when another spirit is trying to communicate with you. By being able to control our response to outside stimulus, we are better able to “tune in” to the more subtle frequencies involved in using the extra senses and/or communicating with spirit.

There are a few things to remember:

1. The first thing to remember is don’t struggle or try to force your mind to be silent. Struggle will create more thoughts and sabotage the process. Just let thoughts float by and if you can just simply acknowledge them without paying them any attention.

2. Don’t give up. As with anything in life it takes time to develop a new habit. Be gentle with yourself if you just don’t get it the first few times don’t give up. Anything worth doing requires a bit of effort.

3. When you are practicing and learning, find a time where you will not be disturbed.
There are times when you can use soothing music, for meditation perhaps, but for the purpose of psychic development it is best to have a very quiet environment. It makes it easier to pick up on subtle energies around you.

As you start, you may wish to select a specific time of day, each day or as many days a week as you can. You will want to start off with a 5 minute time frame which you can increase as you progress. By choosing a specific time of day you are developing a habit, conditioning a response pattern and preparing your body and mind for the process of Meditation.

Once you have become more adept at relaxation and meditation you can increase your meditation time to whatever is appropriate for you. Use this time to just deeply relax and become aware of yourself, the environment you are in, etc. etc. Total awareness naturally expands the consciousness.



In its simplest form a chakra is described as a spinning vortex of energy. The Sanskrit word for chakras means “wheel of light”.

There are seven major chakras in the physical body and several minor chakras throughout the body. However, we shall deal with the major chakras only in this workshop.
The seven points of energy inter-relate with the emotional, physical and spiritual side of each of us. The energy enters the chakras as a “yin energy” and is converted to a “yang energy” and circulated around the body. This life force within the body is known as “prana”” or “chi”.

The constantly spinning wheels of energy (or chakras) have the ability to affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually. They are affected by our mental frame of mind. Therefore, you can see how our attitudes and our chakras are interactive.
The energy within the centers of energy (chakras) may be fast or slow, pulsating or radiant, expanded or contracted.


In Eastern religions, each chakra is commonly represented as a flowering lotus flower with a varied numbers of petals. The Crown is often referred to as the Thousand Petalled Lotus. This is a good picture to imagine when you opening and closing the chakras – which we will deal with later.

If we take a simple diagram looking straight on at the human body we can see the chakras are vertically aligned in the centre of the body close to the spine. As you can see in the diagram below.

If the chakras are unbalanced – that is blocked or sluggish energy – our physical and mental health can be affected. Additionally, our spiritual development also depends of how the energy is flowing through our chakras. Therefore, as you can see it is important for our well-being to keep the energy free-flowing through the chakras as stagnant energy can lead to illness and disease in the physical body.


We will have a quick overview of the chakras at this point and will go into each one in more depth later.

Chakra Color Characteristic

Chakra 7 – Crown Chakra Violet Connection to Devine, Human Consciousness
Chakra 6 – 3rd Eye Indigo Psychic Awareness, Intuition
Chakra 5 – Throat Chakra Sky Blue Communication, Expression
Chakra 4 – Heart Chakra Green Love, Compassion, Healing
Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus Yellow Personal Power, Seat of Emotions
Chakra 2 – Sacral Chakra Orange Creativity
Chakra 1 – Root Chakra Red Basic Survival, Reproduction

As you can see each chakra has its own particular function and governs a different behavior or aspect of you. Not only on an emotional level, but also the physical body is encompassed by a particular chakra.
The frequency or speed of the vibration of these chakras can be observed as various colors. This has been proven by scientific means, using Radionics equipment.


Each chakra has a different frequency of vibration, symbol, color and sound that it is attuned to. When the chakra is balanced, clear and energized, it is in tune and plays the most wonderful sound of it’s own, emitting the proper vibration for that chakra. Many things can affect the vibrations including sounds of voice, drums, music, chants, mantras, the vibrational energy of colors and gemstones. All colors and sounds are vibrations and using the sounds and colors of the chakras assist them to become aligned and balanced.

Each chakra needs to be able to function at the correct frequency independently. Each needs to be balanced, clear, energized and properly spinning. Each time all the chakras reach a level of unison the entire vibration of the human body is raised.

As you can see each of our chakras plays a major part in our development, makeup and how we relate to the world and others. If a chakra is out of balance – meaning too little or too much – then it can have implications in our physical body. This is because as physical human beings we manifest the light energy drawn in by our chakras. This energy is pure in origin but as it becomes absorbed into our bodies it is changed into an energy we can use. Thus, if a chakra is congested, or slow, due to life issues or difficulties you have failed to resolve, the way we process the divine energy will be impaired.
Each chakra is associated with major organs within our bodies. Therefore, they can be affected by the energy being out of balance. This can manifest as physical symptoms of some illness or disease. Many people immediately shriek at this not wanting to take responsibility for themselves. Preferring to believe that illness and disease is random and not something they themselves can control. However, the reverse is true. We can control what happens in our bodies. Why is it that 2 people can be brought up in the same environmental circumstances and one can be plagued by difficulties and the other, who is exposed to the same criteria, does not. And I’m sure you’ll hear people say: “Oh, Well their immune system is better, healthier, etc.” BUT WHY IS THAT? It is because they are able to clear difficulties and issues BEFORE they become manifest in the body. By focussing on the positive and you will often find people who are mainly healthy and have a healthy outlook on life. They are able to handle difficulties appropriately and not let them take over their lives. WE CAN ALL DO THIS!

You can make a start now to clear away issues that have clogged you. All it takes is a wish to do so.

What do we mean by “healthy chakras”. By and large if your chakra is healthy, it is clear and balanced. For most people that definition won’t help either! Chakras need to be spinning freely to allow the energy that comes in to be used in the physical body. If there is no energy moving in the body then there is no way there can be a change. Often you will find people who have illnesses that cause them to be disinterested in the world or life have very sluggish or slow energy.

Also it is possible that most of your chakras are spinning fine there is just a problem in one or maybe two.

Healthy chakras are important to help us maintain our sense of harmony and direction in life. If unblocked and clear (i.e., free flowing) then we remain healthy.

There are of course times in our life where we have stresses and difficulties that we have to respond to as they are not caused by ourselves. That does not mean that all of a sudden your chakras will stop spinning and the energy will stagnate. Depending on how you process information will depend on whether you manifest illness associated with stress or unhappiness, such as depression. If we deal with these problems as quickly and as positively as we can then we are putting ourselves in a wonderful position to have a greater control in our lives. We are more likely to be able to deal with other more difficult situations without it having an impact in the body as illness.

Our minds are very powerful and have the ability to over-rule our chakra energy (aka Chi). All illness, disease and unhappiness starts in the mind.

When a Chakra becomes blocked, or out of balance, it affects not only our physical body, but also our emotional and mental responses as well. Our spirituality is also affected.
Also if your charka is too open this can also have a detrimental effect. Energy is pouring in and the body does not have the facilities to be able to transmute it properly.
When the energy is flowing through all the chakras nice and easy, then we feel connected to the earth and spirit.

We can change the energy so easily that it is important to regularly check our thought processes and lifestyle. Small shifts can have dramatic effects. By making these changes then we can truly be in contact with who we are and not be at the mercy of the will of others. We can truly interact for a positive betterment of ourselves and others.


The short answer is yes we can! As you can see the chakras in our bodies do not work independently, rather they are part of a network of intricately woven energy systems. Through them the energy is displayed in our everyday life. The chakras are a reflection of everything that we think, feel and know.

Therefore, if the chakras are all working together and reflecting who we are and how we feel and think, if we change those values then we can change how the chakras are working. How can we work with them?


If, as we now understand it, chakras are energy centers, and energy follows thought, then it is clear that we must first of all work with thoughts, feelings and levels of consciousness within the chakras. If this isn’t done then the chakras will continue to reflect the same issues, whether they be positive or negative. Therefore, working on old patterns that have ruled lives for so long is imperative if you want a change to occur.
There are some things on earth that may share the energetic frequencies found in chakras. These include sound, color, stones (crystals) and pure essential oils. One method of working with the chakras may suit you more than another. Feel free to experiment.


If you use crystals as a way of balancing your chakras, they should be carried, or worn for the day, if possible. You can also put them in the bath with you or wear them or put them under your pillow when you go to sleep. Gemstones can also be placed on a chakra centre when meditating. Remember to always cleanse your stones that you use in Chakra [or any type of energy] work.


When buying a crystal you must first clear your mind, breathe deeply and balance yourself. Focus on the purpose for which you will use the crystal and then look at all available crystals briefly, allowing yourself to be attracted by one of them. You will automatically be drawn to the crystal that is resonating with you for the purpose in mind.

Once the crystal has been chosen you will need to cleanse it of any negative vibration it can have collected. Firstly wash the crystal thoroughly and rinse and dry carefully. It is now ready to be cleansed. There are different ways to cleanse a crystal and the following are a few. Choose the one that appears right for you.

1. Soak in a saline solution overnight.
2. Cover with sea salt overnight
3. Bury the crystal in the earth for one or more days.
4. Use a visualization technique – visualize a pure white light filling and flowing 
through the crystal taking any negative vibrations with it
5. Smudging. Light some dried sage or cedar, blow out the flame and old the crystal 
the smoke turning it around to ensure all surfaces are smudged.

[Reiki may cleanse and energize anything, just draw the first symbol over the top of what you desire to cleanse]

You can use any of the above methods as often as you feel you need to after use of the crystal. The crystal can also be placed on an Amethyst cluster to remove negativity.
Once you have cleansed your crystal you are now ready to energize it.


Once the crystal has been cleansed it can be energized to undertake certain tasks or specific healing functions. There are various methods used to energize crystals.

1. By resting in sunlight
2. For a more feminine energy power rest in moonlight
3. Held in a fast running stream or stretch of water/waterfall

Whilst energizing the crystal in any of the above ways you will need to hold clearly in your mind the purpose for which the crystal will be used. This focusing of energy will program the crystal for it purpose.

Once you have completed this procedure you are ready to use your crystal for whatever purpose you bought it. Always remember to reenergize the crystal from time to time and particularly after you have used it in chakra work. This is because the crystal will absorb the negative emotions and you will need to clear this before you use it again, otherwise you will be using a crystal that has a negative emotion programmed into it!


If you prefer an aromatic way of accessing your chakras you can use pure essential oils. Some people find this way better than any other. You can use the power of the essential oils in various different ways.

• Mists – uplifting or calming body mist or a refreshing room fragrance.
• Diffusions – the easiest way to benefit from aromas of essential oils in your home or office. Put a few drops with some water in an oil burner. Alternatively a few drops can be added to potpourri of dried flowers.
• Massage – diluted with massage oil you can experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, which can be made for aches and pains, chest congestion, immune stimulation or simply for relaxation.
• Baths – are the most versatile and pleasurable ways to enjoy aromatherapy. However, you should remember to put some milk in the bath with the drops of essential oil to prevent the oil marking the bath surface.


One of the easiest ways of identifying disharmony in a chakra is to meditate on it. This would also work directly on the attitude affecting the area. Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting down, quietening your mind and focussing. There are different types of meditation, one of which includes physical exercise. You can of course use any of the other methods in conjunction with meditation.

[Another way is using Reiki to identify the disharmony. Holds your hands over the disharmony to send energy or draw the reiki symbols over the afflicted area where they will continue the healing while you move on to another area.]


Now we know that the frequencies of each chakra varies from one to the next, as do the colors.

Also, each chakra is capable of heightening or lowering its frequency by speeding up or slowing down, which changes the vibration at which it resonates energies. In addition, the chakra can spin in different directions from one to the next.
Not only can the chakras work independently of each other but they can also work together as they are connected through a series of astral and etheric tubes and canals that allow energies to pass from one to another.

Each chakra has its own base color and it is possible that the base color of each chakra can change at times. However, even though they can vary a little from one person to another, the colors given are fairly universal for most people. The chakra can, of course, reflect variations in the colors and these can be seen within the aura.
There are particular times when it is to our advantage to learn how to open and close the chakra. This can be when you want to perform spiritual or psychic work, or it can be when you are wanting some kind of change and need to cleanse the chakra.


It is important to open and close all of the chakras in order. This is to ensure there is no disruption to the energy that flows through them. It is usual to start with the base or root chakra and work your way up the system. You can imagine the chakras either as balls of light in their respective colors; i.e., root is red, sacral is orange, etc.
To start with then we open the base chakra situated at the base of the spine. Imagine it as a small ball of red colored light and energy. Visualize this ball of light 2 to 4 inches in size. Now visualize this ball of energy growing in diameter and imagine it as though it is a flower that is still tightly in bud. Begin to open the flower’s petals until the energy centre is open.

As you open the chakra, draw in a deep breath and imagine the energy and color of red going deep into your lungs. Allow the energy to fill your body and spirit. As you continue to breathe it in feel it’s revitalizing and healing energies. When you exhale slowly allow all your daily worries and cares to flow out from you with it. This process allows you to start to quieten your mind and to focus on what you are doing. Breathe this energy and color in deeply 3 to 6 times.

Repeat this exercise with each of the chakras in turn.

The Sacral chakra, just below the navel, should be visualized as an orange ball of light and energy.
The Solar Plexus chakra is next. Visualize this as a yellow ball of light and energy. Imagine this one to be about twice the size as the lower chakras, as this is the largest and most powerful of all the chakra.
Next open the Heart chakra in the same way. The energy color should be a green ball of light and energy.
Move up to the Throat chakra visualizing the chakra within the throat as a blue ball of light and energy.
The third eye or Brow chakra is next. Visualizing this chakra as an indigo ball of light and energy.
Lastly open the crown chakra. This is situated 1 to 2 inches above the head and the color to visualize is a violet ball of light and energy.


It is important to close the chakras after any spiritual meditation or work done with the chakras. They never close completely as the energy continues to flow through them, but by closing them you are allowing the energy to flow through them in a more natural way. If you allow your chakras to remain open you can be susceptible to picking up unwanted spiritual and psychic impressions all of the time – this can include negative experiences.

To close the chakras you need to reverse the opening procedure. This time you start at the top of the head with the crown chakra and work downwards. Visualize each of the chakra as the open flower and then close each of them back into the tightly closed bud.

[Note: When you are practicing with the Chakras using Psychic energy only you must open and close the Chakras. When using Reiki or working with the pendulum, this is not a necessary step.]


Chakra cleansing helps to remove any negative energies and negatives that may have built up within your Chakra and Aura. This is helpful as it can remove any potential blockages before they build up. It is a good idea to first of all work on cleansing your seven main chakras, then the rest of your chakras and finally your aura. You can do this as often as you like in a short meditation or however you prefer to do it.


You do not need to perform the open chakras exercise to do this. Firstly visualize your crown chakra just above your head. Visualize a bright white light from above. Imagine that pure white light contains all of the colors of the spectrum and as it enters your body through the crown chakra feel it revitalizing and energizing your crown chakra. Feel it dissolve and move any blockages as it pours through. Feel love for yourself and all others as the white light continues to enter your body through the crown chakra.
Next allow the light to travel down your body to your brow chakra. Allow the pure white light to remove all obstacles to your progression. Feel yourself opening up to a more spiritual way of life.

Move the light down to your throat chakra. Feel the light helping you to communicate more easily. Feel the love, wisdom and truth it brings whilst removing all negative emotions.
The light next enters the heart chakra. Allow it to empower your relationship with yourself and others. Feel the compassion and love growing as your resistances are removed.

When the light reaches the solar plexus chakra allow yourself to receive more energy and self fulfillment. Feel your energy levels increasing as your intuition is heightened.
The sacral chakra receives the light and at once it helps you recognize your need to belong and to be more intimate and trusting of others. The light removes all thoughts of self limiting belief and replaces it with confidence and self expression.

Once the pure white light reaches the root chakra you can feel your whole body come alive with the pulsating energy of the universe. Feel the repression melting away and allow the light to give feelings of universal oneness.

Allow the light to travel down your body to the ground where it will keep you in touch with reality. Continue to breathe in the white light several times, allowing the loving white light to fill the whole of your mind and body. Feel the deep cleansing as you breathe in and feel the negative emotions and feelings disappear down to the ground as you exhale. Allow your whole body to be filled with the white light of love and protection. All the smaller chakras throughout your body will let this light enter their energy systems and will cleanse you deeply. When you are ready expand the light energy so it is surrounding your body as well as in your body. Allow it to go several feet from your body. Continue to inhale love and light and exhale negatives as the pure white light cleanses your aura surrounding your body.

As you become more proficient at this you will find that you can do this anywhere at any time. You do not need to sit down in any special place or position. However, whilst you are learning it is probably best to sit in a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed for say 30 minutes or so. Do not try to rush the exercise and feel it as intensely and as vividly as you can.


Here is a short exercise to help you strengthen your chakras. This will help you to be less vulnerable in everyday situations, especially those that can be demanding and exhausting.

For this exercise it is better if you can find a place where you won’t be disturbed as it involves a little more visualization. It is similar to the exercise on opening chakras.
Make yourself comfortable in a seat or sit with legs crossed. Try to sit as straight as you can. If you can’t sit, don’t worry you can lie down or whatever suits you best. If you fall asleep so be it.

Take a few deep breaths to get yourself into a cycle of relaxation. If you prefer to have some relaxing music on then you can do this also.

Imagine you are like a tree with the roots going deep into the ground. You are a rainbow tree and as you feel the sun shinning from the top of the tree, you feel your leaves and flowers on your tree starting to react slowly to the feel of the sun light. Feel the energy of the sunlight go through your body and into the ground connecting you to the earth. Your roots feel the earth glory with water and energy flowing upwards. Imagine the energy/water flowing upwards and filtering into each flower shaped chakra. As each chakra is opened like a flower you feel the awakening of your inner self.

The first is the base chakra; imagine a lovely bright red flower opening. Imagine it opening and letting go of all the emotions, pictures associated with this color. If there are any feelings or emotions do not fight them simply recognize them and imagine a little bird taking the little parcel of negative energy away in a form of a twig to be dealt with by the universe. The universe is free flowing and you should let it flow. Let the flower evolve and see it swaying side to side in a circular motion.

Move to the next chakra – the sacral chakra – and repeat the same exercise. Continue all the way to your crown chakra. Once all the chakras are open and swaying like flowers in the sun, feel them all swaying together like the grass, like the sea. Imagine the light from each flower flowing into the crown chakra. All the colors together create a loving white light which flows up to the sky, becoming one with the universe.

As the energy comes back, see how it flows all around you. See yourself as part of the universe not as a separate being. Feel all the love from the universe being given to you. If you choose to ask questions know that they will be answered when the energy is right. Do not be quick to require an answer. Know that all is well and you are strong and loving. Feel safe and alive with the knowledge that you have become a part of the universe.

When you are ready start to close your chakras as in the previous exercise. Keep the feeling of love and understanding.


Not everyone is able to recognize the gift of emotions. Frequently, when an event has arisen and we respond to it, our emotions can become out of control, or we can over-react. This can be true for both good and bad (as we perceive it). The event, however, is frequently an opportunity to grow that is not always recognized. More often we hold onto the experience, good and bad, going over it time after time – what we said – what they said – how we felt, etc. Rather than being a gift this can turn into an obstacle. Because we are part of the universe, once we stop the free flowing energy in ourselves by clinging to the emotion, we stop the free flowing energy of the universe.

Very often we can feel drained in certain situations or in certain circles. Sometimes this can be due to other people using our energy to help lift themselves. Quite often, however, it can be due to absorbing someone else’s negative self image. Their energy patterns impinge on ours, and because we are all connected, this causes our energy flow to be impaired.

If you feel any negative emotion, whether there is a cause or not one that you are aware of, take a few deep calming breaths. Once you feel calmer ask yourself what the feeling is attached to. You should get a feeling or a picture. Some people just get a knowing of what you are holding onto from the past. Many times we know what the problem is but we try to deflect it because we do not want to deal with it. Next what you need to do is to ask yourself to let this emotion go. That may sound easy – and to some extent it is – however, you must be willing for it to be released. That is not just a “yes I’m willing ‘cos I feel really bad just now and I want to feel better.” It is a willingness from the heart and mind, a positive intention if you like, to let it go for good. And I am not talking about unleashing wrath on someone. That is not releasing negative emotions that is an intentional vengefulness , which is totally different! Once you have allowed the emotion to melt from you, you need to forgive yourself for clinging onto the emotion, and then thank yourself for allowing yourself this experience for progression. Thank the universal energy for taking it away then feel yourself relax. Ok so you might not get it first time, but it is a matter of changing attitudes. This is not a lip-service to make yourself feel alright every time you are down. It is a service to yourself and mankind ultimately. You are genuinely wanting to progress and so allow yourself to do it.
Some people find it easier to release difficult emotions and experiences by writing them down. This may sound a bit simplistic but many times when we write things down we discover hidden issues that we are able to address. If you find a particular issue arising time and time again you can be sure that you have not addressed it. Try writing it down. Write about your past, put down on paper all that you feel you are holding onto whether it is from your childhood or recent past and any areas surrounding it. Don’t try to analyze it and don’t think it is just rubbish – write write and write some more. You will find the key.

When you have written as much as you think you can ask your heart what you need to clear out emotionally. Repeat the last exercise of writing without direction. As you are doing this think loving thoughts towards yourself. Forgive yourself for anything you may think you are guilty of. The writing allows you to release the negative emotions. Do this as often as you need to.

Visualization works better with some people than others when trying to clear out our emotions. Close your eyes and imagine that you are visiting a room in a lovely house and that you are looking for the inner child. Try to make this visualization as vivid as you can and include as much detail as you can.

Imagine a house. Make it as realistic as you can with all the colors, fixtures and fittings that you choose. Walk though the house and as you do you will find a child. The child may be in a corner, in a secret room, in the attic, cellar, etc – in fact anywhere – but there will be a child. This child is holding onto something. It is your emotions. This may present as any object or it may just be a color which would represent a chakra. Talk to the little child and help them to see that the emotions have made you into the person that you are and that you will help them to understand that they are safe, well and loved and that they no longer need to hold onto these emotions. Help, assist and encourage your little child to let go of these emotions and give you the object they are holding. When you are ready take the child by the hand and ask them to go with you into the garden where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and allow the child to feel at peace with itself, to feel free of the emotions that have been a burden to it. When you are ready embrace your inner child and know you are loved. Open your eyes slowly and reorient yourself to your surroundings. Do not underestimate the power of this simple exercise. It can unlock doors that can lead to healthy and happy achievement for you.


What is an AURA?

First things first. A basic answer is that the aura is a living energy field that surrounds all living creatures.

We are all made up of energy and light. This energy and light reflects who we are. Even though your body feels solid it is actually made of energy waves vibrating in a certain way. Everything we see and feel is made of energy and molecules clustering together to create their unique pattern that you can identify.
The actual word aura is derived from “aureola” which means atmosphere of multicolored light.

Our auras reflect who we are and they extend out from the body. Everybody is different and there is no real set length that they extend. It can be anything between 1 and 5 feet. This can also depend upon our mood, our state of mind etc.


We see auras as colors because that is how our brain interprets the unique form of light energy that is being emitted. Just as our brain interprets the way molecules form in a particular way to make a chair shape and we identify it as chair, the same applies to our spiritual energy.


Everyone has what are termed “chakras” in the body as we saw earlier. These vortexes of energy emitted by these chakras blends together around the body and produces the aura. Some people have issues or challenges, blockages or lethargy, all these things affect which energy is emitting the strongest – ie which colors are readily seen. Each color signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

As the Aura is a reflection of a person’s state of consciousness then the colors in the aura can be a real eye opener. It can tell you how a person is feeling, their thoughts, abilities and illness etc, so it can be a really useful tool to obtain information.
Just a word of caution here – it is not recommended that you use this with some kind of ulterior motive in mind. The law of the universe is that whatever you give out will come back tenfold. Be careful in your intentions for wanting information. Do not be tempted to use it against the person for self gain or ill purpose. As long as you are genuine in your desire to help someone then it is fine. Clearly you are wanting to learn about the aura so that you can use it in some way to help another person. Although you do not need to get another person’s permission it is generally polite at the very least to do so.


We have known about auras for generations. Many of the Christian pictures depict an aura around the head of Jesus and some of his followers.

Even further back than this there are various tribes that have shown the aura in their paintings. Additionally, the aura has not always just been shown around humans, on the contrary, animals and plants have also been painted with the shining energies around them. We can all learn to see the aura, psychic or not.

The existence of the aura has been intensively researched and proved by scientific means in the last 50 years or so. Scientists have been able to record and measure the aura as an electromagnetic field around living creatures.


As we have seen the aura surrounds everyone and this energy field is like a magnet. It can pick up the vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere you go. Your vitality and wellbeing depend on maintaining a healthy aura. Everything we think is reflected in some way in the energy field. Think about it for a minute. Every single thought is reflected in the aura for anyone (with training) to see! So if we lie or think something negative a pulse of negative or dark energy will be emitted.
In addition, food and drink, any drugs, medicinal or otherwise, our environment, all affect the aura.

Now you can see why it is important to keep your aura in tip top condition. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to cleanse our auras regularly. Not with soap and water but with clear exercises designed to affect your energy. This will help keep out negative effects from our environment and other people.


Now you’ve read about what the aura is let’s have a go at feeling the aura.
It is quite easy to feel the aura and most people are really surprised at how easily it can be felt.

You need to find a willing participant. Ask them to sit on a chair where you can stand behind them. Take a deep breath (not for any spiritual reason but just to relax yourself – we are all more sensitive when relaxed). Hold your hands about two feet over the top of their head, close your eyes and slowly allow your hands to move down towards the top of their head until you find contact with their aura. In most cases this will be between 2-6 inches from the top of their head.

The aura will feel differently to everyone, however, generally you will know when you have found the aura as you will be able to feel one or more of the following:

–  tingling sensation
–  coolness
–  warmth
–  resistance
–  rush of air

Once you have found the aura over the top of the head keep your hands so they are just in contact with it then slowly see if you can follow from the top of the head down the side of the head and over the shoulders.

That’s all there is to it! It may take some practice, the same as anything else, but once you’ve done it once you’ll find it easy to do again.

Once you feel confident enough try to find different people. You will feel the difference in other people’s aura which all change with how they are feeling, circumstances, etc.


There are various different methods. I will give you a couple to get you started and see if they suit you. Feel free to find your own unique way.

Although it might take a bit of practice, once you get the hang of it you will be able to see the aura fairly easily. I am not talking about picking up the sensations with psychic senses, but actually seeing with your own physical eyes. Some people can sense the auras rather than see them, others can feel them as heat or cold or buzzing sensations rather than see them. 
First make yourself nice and comfortable and relaxed. Try to find a room that is dimly lit, but not dark. Bringing your index fingers together almost but not quite touching. Now look at the space between the fingers. While you do this allow your eyes to defocus slightly so you are not looking at it in a hard way.

In a short space of time you will be able to see a light hazy mist going from one finger to the other. This looks a bit like the smoke from a cigarette before it is inhaled.
It is said that the mist should look as if it is going from left to right for a woman and from right to left for a man. However, that is not always the case. Some health issues can make it go the opposite way so be guided be yourself and not what is written. Just focus on seeing the mist rather than trying to see if it is going the “right” way or not!
Just practice this on yourself for a while so that you are confident you can see the mist/energy. You are then ready to try to see other people’s auras. Try practicing on anyone that will let you!


To work with another person you will need to be about 6 feet away from them. It is usually better if you can manage to have them with a neutral colored background – grey or black is best but cream can work too. Just as long as the color is not vibrant.
Again the room needs to be dimly lit. This is not for any mystical reason at all. It is simply because it takes away distractions whilst you are learning. The energy is very subtle and until you are more accomplished in seeing the aura the less distractions the better!

Again defocus your eyes and look at your subject without staring. It is best to look at the area around the head. This is because there are no clothes worn in this area and so the energy is not influenced by colors they are wearing. Although if you have practiced on yourself before this you should now be able to see the blueish/whitish outline around the whole body (the etheric aura). Don’t’ worry if you can’t see it straight away – practice will help.

This outline sometimes looks as if it is shimmering – much like looking at a road on a sunny day and you see a heat haze rising.

It is very much like looking at magic eye pictures. Many do not see it the first time if you look directly where it is. Then like magic the aura will seem to appear. This can take from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Once you see the aura try not to get giddy – keep relaxed. Also don’t look directly at it or it will ‘disappear’. Keep your eyes focussed. After you have trained your eyes you can look directly at the aura without losing it.
Once you can see the outline, keep looking in that disinterested way and you should see colors starting to build outwards from the etheric aura (emotional aura). If you concentrate on the edge of the etheric aura (the blue/white edge around the body), again eyes slightly out of focus, you should soon be able to make out colors of the emotional aura. As said before the depth or intensity of the aura very much depends upon the vitality of the person. Therefore, you could see anything from a couple of inches to a couple of feet.

Like everything else in life your skill will improve with practice. If you try to practice daily for a short time then you will be able to see the colors in a fairly short space of time. There are no hard set rules. Some people see it quicker than others. Don’t give up. Generally when we are about to give up comes the greatest breakthrough. There is nothing like the first time you see the colors radiating from someone’s aura.

If you are unable to find anyone to practice on you can try practicing on yourself by sitting (or standing) in front of a mirror. It is better if you can manage to do without any clothes on. Only because colors and patterns on clothes can distract you. There is no occult or esoteric reason at all. It should take approximately the same amount of time it would if you practiced with a partner.

Do not try too hard! The key is to be relaxed, in an almost disinterested way. The eyes should be focused softly not looking hard. Don’t be disheartened. I am sure with practice you will become accomplished at seeing the aura.


Relax in the same way you have done for seeing auras around yourself and others. Get a bowl of flowers or plant. Gently gaze beyond the flowers or the tree with a soft gaze as before. The aura will soon be seen as a pulsating energy. Different flowers/plants have different colored auras.
If you can look at tree tops this is also a good way to develop your skill.


For most people it takes time and practice. There are a few that are able to see the aura very quickly but for the majority of us it takes a bit longer. Initially we try too hard to see the aura. This is one of the things that you should try to avoid. It is very difficult as I can remember how excited I was when first trying. However, the trick is to relax, more like daydreaming, rather than straining.

Seeing the aura is a technique that can be learned by most people. It is not a gift to some select few and not to others. It is simply a matter of practice, practice, PRACTICE!


We are all different. We all have different thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our lives are made up of different stresses and strains and we all have different environmental factors and eating lifestyles. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that all our auras are different.

Everyone has a uniquely colored aura of their own.

The main aura can appear banded around the body – strata like. Imagine a person with thick, colored hoops of light dropped over them and you get the idea. The colors obviously emanate from the chakras. The chakra generates light energy that is seen as the aura. The strength of each chakra depends on the person’s nature and life style. Together these chakras generate the dominant hue of the aura.

The aura is very complex and ever changing so it is difficult to class anyone by the dominant hue in their aura. Although many experts believe this is so. It is not in my experience accurate. Many experts suggest people can be classed by the basic hue, or the dominant color, of their aura. For one thing, your aura can be influenced by color. Therefore, if you predominantly wear one color then this can affect the color your aura displays, which may not necessarily be indicative of you as a person.

For example, a person may have a predominantly blue aura. Now if that person is experiencing an emotional crisis or depressive illness, their aura could be flooded with patches of orange or grey. However, this is only temporary and once over this hurdle their aura will revert to its blue color.

Another example is someone who is spiritual and deep thinking. Their aura can show a lovely blue color. However, if that person should take in alcohol then the aura could be a very different color to someone looking at it. Alcohol can often bring on aggression and violence in a person. This means their aura can change very quickly from a spiritual blue to a bright angry red color with splotches of black perhaps until they had sobered up. So you can see defining a person by the aura you see on them at any particular time is a very dangerous practice. We are all very complex!

The effect of color on the emotions is well known and certain colors are widely used in hospitals and institutions to calm agitated people and put them at ease. Pink is the most frequently used color for this. It is the emotional color of love and happiness. In fact there is a whole science devoted to the use of colors. This is called Color Healing or Color Therapy.

Also you may find that the colors you see do not always match that of the associated chakra. This is due to the blending that takes place of one or more of the main seven chakra along with a multitude of secondary and subsidiary chakras may be involved in the makeup of each of the main seven bodies of the aura and although the aura is thought to possibly extend up to 40 inches off the body in places it is very unlikely that many psychics would be able to see it, that is not to say at times it cannot be seen or sensed by other means, just that in most cases the aura is only normally seen 2 to 4 inches off the top of the head, where it can usually most prominently be seen and perceived.
Often the aura will not be seen in a uniform way. The colors may band and blend in together or you may see irregular spots of bold color. You may seen patterns or swirls.
All of this is normal and you can experiment with different people to discover a world of differences.


Although the aura is enclosed around the body and is sealed (can be sealed and strengthened by you also) how we feel about a person can affect it! If you feel affection, love, hate etc. towards a person then the aura will change according to this feeling. It can change in intensity, strength and expansion. Even thinking about a problem, you have a particular emotion – positive or negative – can be reflected in the aura.

If you feel affection towards another person your aura will open up and expand. If this person is present (and they feel the same way about you) your aura will connect and intertwine with theirs. This is why you can know how a person is feeling without them saying anything – and no it’s not all to do with body language! Your aura feels their feelings and this is relayed to you. So if they feel sad – you can too. I am sure that there are many times when you have suddenly felt an emotion and had absolutely no idea why or where this came from out of the blue. This is why. You can even pick up people’s energy in the street. You are literally feeling the emotions in their aura.

This may be fine in situations where you are happy and it is a positive connection. However, because the energy you feel is not always happy or positive, it can have adverse reactions in you.

If you feel you are around someone who impinges on your aura in a negative way, the best way to deal with it immediately is to move away from that person. This will allow your aura to gain its own equilibrium – unless of course you hold onto the negative feelings that have been evoked in you. You can then reconnect with your own feelings and this will strengthen your aura.

Below we will give you a small exercise that will help you to protect yourself from the influences of others.


You can use this for any situation where you don’t want to be influenced whether it be with friends, partners, work colleagues, etc. It really should be done before you meet the person to have the most beneficial effects. Therefore, first thing in the morning is a good time.

First close your eyes and imagine your aura around you. Notice its oval shape and imagine this shape filling with very beautiful and warm light. If it makes it easier for you give the light a color – anything that makes you feel strong and positive.

Fill the whole of your aura outwards from your body in all directions. When it is full of this light (or color), imagine a golden seal forming just on the inside edge of your aura. Imagine the seal hardening so that nothing can penetrate or enter your aura. This golden seal acts like a kind of mirror that reflects away anything that comes near you. You feel totally protected inside a cocoon.

Next imagine the seal becoming soft and bright but it still works with the same effectiveness. You now control what can get into your aura and, unless you allow it, all negative feelings projected at you simply bounce off your aura.

[In Reiki the Golden Seal is called the Gold Bubble.]


We will just touch on spiritual awareness and the aura. Not everyone believes in the psychic so it matters not whether you want to do this or not. Seeing the aura does not depend on whether you are psychic or not. It is a physical phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye.

However, some psychics can sense the aura and the colors etc, without being able to see them.

When engaging in metaphysical pursuits, such as meditation or channelling, your aura will expand. Your mind is used to raise your vibration to connect with a higher or spiritual plane. Whether recognized or not this practice opens the chakras and allows the aura to expand out. Many people believe it is necessary to close down the aura again afterwards. This does help to stop people going around picking up everyone else’s emotions so it is a good idea from this point of view. Some people are more sensitive than others and it can have a really detrimental effect on a sensitive person if they go somewhere where the energy is negative after they have opened up in a spiritual way. Therefore, I will include an exercise on closing down the chakras.


Stand up straight with your eyes closed and imagine a golden light coming from the sky right above you and shining straight through the centre of your body and into the ground. Now, starting at the top of your head, imagine that a strand of this light is moving in a clockwise direction around you. Imagine the light is gently moving downwards as it swirls around you. As it passes each chakra it closes it to the level required to operate on the physical plane. You don’t need to worry about what that level is. Trust that the light knows what it is doing. The light then moves into the ground.

That’s it. You don’t need to spend hours doing it. It takes less than two minutes to be effective. Always leave the closing down to the very end of your evening.


There are different ways that you can use to cleanse and refresh your aura. I will just mention a few. Choose your own favorite or make your own. There are no set rules whatever is comfortable for you is right.


Visualize a bright white light from above. Imagine that pure white light contains all of the colors of the spectrum and as it enters your body through the crown chakra feel it revitalizing and energizing your crown chakra. Feel it dissolve and move any blockages as it pours through. Feel love for yourself and all others as the white light continues to enter your body through the crown chakra.

Next allow the light to travel down your body to your brow chakra. Allow the pure white light to remove all obstacles to your progression. Feel yourself opening up to a more spiritual way of life.

Move the light down to your throat chakra. Feel the light helping you to communicate more easily. Feel the love, wisdom and truth it brings whilst removing all negative emotions.
The light next enters the heart chakra. Allow it to empower your relationship with yourself and others. Feel the compassion and love growing as your resistances are removed.

When the light reaches the solar plexus chakra allow yourself to receive more energy and self fulfillment. Feel your energy levels increasing as your intuition is heightened.
The sacral chakra receives the light and at once it helps you recognize your need to belong and to be more intimate and trusting of others. The light removes all thoughts of self limiting belief and replaces it with confidence and self expression.

Once the pure white light reaches the root chakra you can feel your whole body come alive with the pulsating energy of the universe. Feel the repression melting away and allow the light to give feelings of universal oneness.

Allow the light to travel down your body to the ground where it will keep you in touch with reality. Continue to breathe in the white light several times, allowing the loving white light to fill the whole of your mind and body. Feel the deep cleansing as you breathe in and feel the negative emotions and feelings disappear down to the ground as you exhale. Allow your whole body to be filled with the white light of love and protection. All the smaller chakras throughout your body will let this light enter their energy systems and will cleanse you deeply. When you are ready expand the light energy so it is surrounding your body as well as in your body. Allow it to go several feet from your body. Continue to inhale love and light and exhale negatives as the pure white light cleanses your aura surrounding your body.

As you become more proficient at this you will find that you can do this anywhere at any time – it takes seconds. You do not need to sit down in any special place or position. However, whilst you are learning it is probably best to sit in a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed for say 30 minutes or so. Do not try to rush the exercise and feel it as intensely and as vividly as you can.


Sound has long since been recognized as a healing tool for us. All energy systems are different and we all respond to different music in different ways. What may be refreshing and uplifting to you may grate and grind on another person. Use music that makes you feel “whole” and happy. This positive infusion of sound strengthens your aura as well as any other exercise.


Crystals are widely recognized as absorbers of energy. Use your favorite crystal and hold it a few inches above your head. Then use one end of it to move in a clockwise direction down your right side to the ground sweep back up your other side back to the head. Put the crystal down and using your hands sweep down your body again, this time going across the front of your body. You can also wear crystal jewelry or carry crystals for protection. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal afterwards to remove the negative energy.


Many people like to use smudging as a means of cleansing themselves. Often this is done before undertaking a spiritual act of any kind. Smudging uses herbs traditionally lit in a shell. This helps purify the aura. What The Native Americans believe is that the energy from the burning herb finds and attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke rises it takes the negative energy away with it, thus leaving the space for you to create positive energy.

[When you take something away, it may create a void which can draw in energy. This new energy may be positive or negative. That is why in Reiki when we remove negative energy we always replace (thus filling the void) with positive energy.]


You can cleanse the aura using nothing more than breath. Simple breathe in deeply through your nose whilst counting to ten. Then exhale through your mouth to a count of ten. Repeat this cleansing breath three times. Each time you breathe in imagine breathing in cleansing energy. Every time you breathe out imagine stale or negative energy leaving your body.


There is a lot of information out there on the Violet Flame. However, we shall use it for the purposes of refreshing and cleansing the aura of negative energies. Imagine a bonfire burning a strong violet color. Step into the flames and let them burn away all the negative energy surrounding you. You can increase the intensity of the meditation by saying aloud “I AM the violet flame”. The violet flame is very purifying and transmutes your energies to a higher vibration. DO NOT USE THIS ONE IF YOU HAVE A PHOBIA OR ISSUE WITH FIRE.


Connecting with nature can have a profound effect on your energy system. One of the easiest and most fun ways to cleanse and strengthen your aura is to be amongst nature. Just go find a large healthy tree and put your arms around it. As you do this feel the strong positive energy pouring into you. Send your negative energy to the tree and it will take it from you. If this makes you feel silly then try to sit with your back against the trunk and do the same. Feel yourself being energized.


There is a wealth of information available about the meaning of colors. I will give you a basic meaning for the colors below. Be guided by what you think a color means. If the meaning associated with the color does not feel right to you – then ignore it. You create your own world, thoughts, feelings, emotions, responses to everything. This means that everyone is different as their own worlds are governed by their responses. Everything you have experienced is contained within your aura and colors your life. Your reactions and responses are unique to you. Do not follow the herd. Always follow your own feeling for they are right for you.

Vitality, energy, passion, courage, temper anger, anxiety

Creativity, energy, emotion, recovering from illness

Enthusiastic, cheerful, intellectual, confident, manipulative

Perseverance, healer, creating change, nature loving, jealous

Artistic, communication, calm, sensitive, fear of self expression

Psychic, intuitive, sensitive, inertia

Humble, visionary, charisma, non judgmental, dreamers

Unresolved problems, negativity, illness, abused, addicts, grief

Spiritually motivated, cosmic wisdom, pregnant

Loving, compassion, artistic, nurturing, immature, self centered


Many people choose to use their psychic gifts in a spiritual way. They allow their spirit guides and advisors to come closer to them to help people on the earth. Some may even develop mediumship (communicating with people who have passed over). The ways that your spirit guides use to communicate with you are again through the 5 senses.

This means literally “Clear Sight.” People who use clairvoyance see symbols or colors or spirit people through the third eye (the brow chakra). Some people’s clairvoyance can actually see a spirit form just the same way they can see you or me because it appears to them that solid.

This means literally “Clear Hearing.” Again we all experience this a little differently. To some people they may hear whispers, or sounds like bells, music, etc. Very often when people in the spirit world are communicating in this way their speech pattern can appear very quick. This can be because you are trying to absorb the whole sound rather than the individual words.

This means literally “Clear Feelings.” We all notice this to one degree or another in the physical world. When you enter a room and you can “cut the atmosphere with a knife.” This is using your feelings to sense emotions that have happened there. In mediumship or spirit communication, it also allows you to feel emotions of those you communicate with and sometimes even physical symptoms or characteristics of another. You can “feel” their personality.

The senses of smell and taste can also be used in communication. However, these are very often not used in isolation and come together with one of the other ways of sensing energy.


There may be times when you are starting to expand your awareness and increase your psychic abilities that you feel a little vulnerable. If you are going to engage in psychic work it makes sense to ensure you have any necessary protection for your own peace of mind. Before you begin you can say a little prayer. It doesn’t have to be great and mighty or particularly long – just simply ask that you are protected and all that comes through you is positive and healthy.

You can put a protective “shell” around whatever building you are in also if you want. Do this by saying aloud something along the lines of “I visualize this building surrounded by a beautiful, golden, white light, of the Divine Source, entering in through the doors and windows, filling this building in its entirety, dispelling all negativity and totally protecting me/us.” “I ask that the Spiritual Doorkeeper only let through, those of the Highest and I state that I use my spiritual/psychic gifts, always for the Highest!”
Next visualize yourself inside a protective egg shape (auric egg) of golden white light. Inside this protective eggshell, at your front and rear, you can place a power symbol such as a cross, six pointed star or ankh, or something else that symbolizes protection to you. This protective auric egg shell will deflect all negative energies, but will allow positive energies through.


If ever you are unsure of any spiritual beings tell them to depart with power and authority. If you feel the need, you can invoke the Archangel Michael, who is the protector and defender. He will always come when called upon and will always protect you and keep you safe.

Simple say (aloud or in your mind) “Archangel Michael please come to me now! Wrap your powerful wings of protection around me until I am completely shielded by you. Protect me from all negative or dangerous energy. Now! Feel his energy (wings if you prefer) surrounding you with love and protection.


Before going to sleep mentally ask the Doorkeeper to protect you on all levels and fill your room with the Divine golden white light during your sleep.

[Since we are spiritual beings in a physical body, we may use physical items to protect us too. Dead Sea Salt in a bowl of Water placed under the bed before sleep will protect you from unwanted spirits during the night.]


Do not be limited to these, they are suggestions only. Try your own experiments and delight and surprise yourself with the results. Try not to be too hasty – Rome wasn’t built in a day. With practice and patience you will soon see results.

1. Whenever the telephone rings, close your eyes and visualize the person who is calling. Then pick up the phone and discover if you’re right. Your accuracy will improve dramatically as you practice this exercise, and this exercise may help you develop your clairvoyant abilities in addition to intuition and precognition.

2. When you stand in line at the bank, tell yourself which teller will serve you. This exercise is similar to the first, but you can see your “target.” This exercise helps you develop your intuition and your ability to psychically connect with others who are in close proximity.

3. When you watch a sporting event, tell yourself the outcome before the event begins. As you develop skill with this exercise, expand to predicting more statistics such as scores or top 5 placements in racing or judged events. This exercise helps you develop your intuition, precognition, and clairvoyance. Do not misuse this skill for personal gain, such as gambling, or you will likely lose your skill entirely.

4. Have a friend roll a dice. Begin by calling “even” or “odd” before the dice is thrown your accuracy will increase with practice. Expand to call the number the dice will land on. This exercise helps you develop your intuition, precognition and clairvoyance (specifically your ability to see numbers).

5. Work with a friend and a standard deck of playing cards. Begin by predicting black or red, and then have your friend turn over the top card of the deck. Your accuracy will improve with practice. When your accuracy is 80% or greater, expand to predict the suit, and later, the number or face of the card as well. This exercise boosts your intuition, precognition, and clairvoyance (specifically colors and shapes).

6. When you’re going in a lift and another passenger joins you, tell yourself which button they’ll press. This exercises helps you develop your intuition, precognition, clairvoyance (number recognition), telepathy, and your ability to connect with others psychically.

7. In the morning, write down the names of people you will have important interactions or communications with that day. Don’t rely on logic. Clear your mind and allow faces or names to come to you naturally. Trust it and write it down. Using this exercise regularly will significantly improve your accuracy.

8. When in line at the movies, tell yourself which movie the person or group ahead of you will request (if you overhear them say it, try again another time!). This exercise helps you improve your intuition concerning the intentions, preferences and actions of others, and it can lead to developing telepathy and empathy.

9. When you have a meeting or appointment, tell yourself the color of clothing the other person will be wearing before you meet. (This does not work for all people or situations. For example, you can reasonably assume a doctor will be wearing white, or you may know someone always wears a particular color.) This exercise improves your clairvoyant abilities and could help you develop remote viewing skills as well.

10. When driving along the road tell yourself what color or make the next car will be (obviously it can’t be in view at the time).

Namaste’ Darlings….