Empower the Warrior Within

Repeated exposure to a stress or a stress response sustained over a long period of time can have a damaging impact on one’s health. It can also lead to negative coping mechanisms such as excessive smoking, eating or drinking, numbing through drugs or other maladaptive behaviors.  For the person with PTSD the perception of danger is a constant, and they are always “on.” The body is thus constantly stressed and health problems can develop as a result.

How Reiki can help Vets and Emergency Service Personnel with stress:

Reiki can calm, it can help you concentrate, sleep and restore the spirit, often times bringing healing to old, buried wounds.

Quotes from Vets, Police, Fire & EMS clients after their sessions:

“I can focus better and I am looking at life more positively.”

“I have not had a panic attack in four weeks and have not awoken with a nightmare.”

“I can’t believe my pain is decreased. The narcotics can’t do that.”

“I have not been able to relax since Iraq. The Reiki allows me to relax for the first time.”

“The Reiki helps me to be more open with my wife. I am talking more.”

“I can relax now and I am sleeping better.”





Can’t Sleep?

Can’t concentrate?

In constant Pain?

Join us to experience practical tools to help you balance your life. Come experience a session or take a class. Feel the extraordinary healing through relaxing, stress and pain relief of Reiki hands-on-healing.

WHEN:                             Currently, we are in the process of relocating.

                                       Our Office Space for the last 16-years was sold and torn down, so currently

                                       we do not have any Workshops Scheduled. If you would like to Host a Warrior Within Workshop,

                                       please contact Nicole@SpiritSenseLLC.com

WHERE:                           Houston, Texas

COST:                              FREE

For Further questions, contact via e-mail Info@SpiritSenseLLC.com

Come and have an experience in feeling better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It is free.
Q: Are you going to try to sell me something?
A: No.
Q: Can I bring family/ friends?
A: This workshop is for those interested in trying an alternative relief to Stress, Depression and PTSD.
Q: Can children come?
A: This event is for Adults only. We plan to have sessions/classes for children in the future.
Q: Do I need to wear special clothes?
A: No, dress comfortably.
Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: No, just a willingness to participate.
Q: Can I do this if I have limited mobility?
A: Yes, everything will be done in a seated position.
Q: Do I have to have a reservation?
A: It helps us to plan if you make a reservation, yes because seating is limited.
To make reservations please email: Nicole@SpiritSenseLLC.com.

Please check out this website for additional information on Reiki:


And check back here for information, dates/times of our other workshops.

“The Reiki helps me sleep through the night.”

“I had two to three panic attacks a week when we began. I have not had any in weeks.”

“The Reiki helps my headaches. I am decreasing my pain meds with my doctors’ direction.”

“I have never showed any emotion related to my survivor guilt. The Reiki helped me to let the emotions out.” (Vietnam vet)

“I have started to do things I always wanted to do. I am no longer doing things I should not do. I am letting things go and not getting angry about everything. I am becoming who I really am…I am like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.”

“Reiki helps me go to a place of peace inside.”