Attunement Experiences

Reiki “Remote” Attunement Experiences

Just for some information on how other students are experiencing the energy, please see their  experiences below:


Reiki 1 – Self Care

1) I felt anticipation as I opened up the word document. I set up some meditation music and layed down on my sofa. As soon as I settled in, I said the requested words from the reading materials. I felt energy quickly start moving through my body. I immediately felt an intense energy sensation in my crown and then the same energy moved to my third eye. It was very intense and every time I tried to make a thought, my mind would not let me and I was overwhelmed with the positive calm energy in my forehead. I felt that Source Energy was there and flowing through my body. My entire body was tingling. After that, the energy slowly moved down to my heart then solar plexus and then I felt it in my hips legs and then feet. At this point it moved slowly back up to my crown and then slowly lessened. After around 45 minutes, I noticed that I was just very relaxed and my entire heart chakra had been opened.

2) Today at around 5:26pm, I began my attunement from Nicole.  The minute I vocalized my intention, I immediately felt pulsating warm feeling at the top of my head.  I began to relax to fully receive the attunement.  In doing so, I imagined a thread of light from the top of my head flowing through to my arms.  I also envisioned the light filling in any of the holes I may have in my chakras.  The heart chakra was definitely most difficult.  I still feel a tinge of pain.  I also felt a warmth on my Third Eye Chakra.  The tingling at the top of my head continued on for a while.  I decided to imagine that I was outside of myself working on myself…I know, sounds a bit odd.  But I envisioned that I was standing in front of myself and trying to fill in any holes which may be in my chakra while I myself envisioned the light flowing down into me.  At the same time, I envisioned that each chakra would slowly fill with light.

It was really difficult to get through the heart chakra and I don’t think I fully filled it in with light.  Also, as I felt the tingling at the top of my head began to dissipate, I decided to work on a Ki Ball.  I again envisioned a string of light coming down into the top of my head, down to my arms and I then cupped my hands.  My hands were very warm and I could feel a very strong magnetic pull between them.  I decided to state the intention to  help my heart chakra but I don’t know if I did it right as I still feel the tinge of ache in the heart chakra.  I then decided to work on another Ki ball directed at my husband.  The intention I asked was to bring him peace of mind and peace to his heart.  I envisioned the light coming down on him and attempting to fill in all of the tears in his chakras…not sure if it worked but I could slowly feel the pull between my hands begin to disappear.  I also felt really warm to the point where I felt I may begin to sweat at some point.

After that, I no longer felt the warmth at the top of my head but felt very relaxed.

I began and ended the session with the three symbols

3) I opened the Ki Ball file right away on Monday and did the light reading, as I was going over it, I felt the positive vibes coming through.  It made me smile and shiver.  I wanted to let myself go in relaxation, but I was at work, so I had to work through it.  I knew that it was going to be an enjoyable experience, as soon as I could get to it at home; I couldn’t wait!  And yet, I had to.  I finally created my time and space for it, and it was great.  I worked on envisioning the light and love filling my body, and all of a sudden, I lost all sense of being.  I remember envisioning two spirit guides holding their hands over me, one on each side, sending me light, connecting me with a higher bright being.  I remember soaking in the light.  Then, I found myself wanting to get into the fetal position and allowing myself to do so.  I felt a bit panicky at first because I thought that was not an open pose, but I couldn’t resist.  I’m not sure if I fell asleep or not, but when I felt consciousness, I saw lines of radiating white light and they started to take shape.  They took the shape of a grand bird… come to think of it now, perhaps it was the Holy Spirit.  It was flapping it’s wings; it was truly beautiful.  As I was seeing it, I remember thinking that it might be a phoenix – signifying new life / transformation.  Then, I lost myself again, like falling asleep, and finally, when I was conscious again, there was tingling everywhere – I noticed it on my hands first, then my arms, and my feet, my legs, and then, I realized that I was a big ball of pulsing, tingling energy!

(As a side note, when I was envisioning my love and light filling my body, there was a certain point on my legs where I just couldn’t get past.  There was a greyish darkness from that point to my feet.  I struggled very hard to get the love and light there, and I finally let it be.  I didn’t want to cause myself worry and over focus on it.  I chose to move on.  I’m glad I did because I may have missed out on every other positive action that came from the exercise; not to mention that, in the end, I was tingling with energy everywhere… including my toes, feet, and legs.)

4) On Tuesday morning I was awaken at 2:30 a.m and it seemed like the purpose was for the attunement. During the exercise I experienced a level of intensity in my third eye region. My right palm began to itch. I also realized that while I was doing the exercise two particular people who I have lost contact with came to mind. The sole of my left foot also began to itch. The next day I had a  few out of the ordinary experiences where the people who I was thinking about at the very moment got in contact with me. In one particular situation we both sent and received the text at the exact time. I realized that I was also a bit more sensitive and it’s been more difficult to avoid thinking about my ex, though the emotions were not overwhelming. I’m not sure if the cold that I caught was part of the detoxification process as well. Overall I felt relaxed during the exercise although I experienced difficulty remaining focused on either was completed. 

This is an example of a students’s responses from the RMT Course for Advanced Reiki Students  (three month course) Intensions & Experiences

5) I lit some Patchouli incense, laid down, turned my I-pod on to Deep Theta, relaxed, and readied myself to receive the attunement.

As it began, I felt a bit of tingling in my crown chakra, then an intense headache in my temples/forehead area which pretty much stayed that way throughout the process.  A little later, from the center of my body outward, (it felt like it went waaaaay beyond my aura), I felt multiple waves of energy erupting (like explosions of light) one after another, and then I felt goosebumps literally all over my body.  Then all was calm.

Awesome!  ☺

6) The first 10 minutes of the attunement were very emotional. I was very relaxed and was seeing many different colors that seemed to melt into each other. I saw many different figures throughout the process. Some appeared to be shadows that formed around me.The picture below kind of reminds me of it. I also saw figures that kind of looked like aliens. The kind you would see on TV with the large heads. I thought that was a little weird. Everything I saw felt familiar and peaceful.


The thing that had my attention more than anything else I saw were the eyes that kept appearing. They were beautiful. They seemed to change in color from blue to orange to green. They were amazing. I felt the presence of a man at the same time. He was intense. The eyes had a very strong and powerful presence.