About Spirit Sense

Spirit Sense started out as a Healing/Educational Center in the Highland Village/Galleria area and was at that location from 2002 until 2015 when the property was purchased and subsequently the building was torn down.  Until that time, local and national healers gathered there to meet people of like minds to exchange energy and knowledge with other therapists learning about their unique healing styles and abilities.

Spirit Sense has since branched off to include Spirit Sense’s Mobil School of Healing, started in 2009 by Nicole Newsom, a local leader and teacher in the field of holistic healing therapies. Learn more about Nicole and her life’s work.  Our classes included students from all vocations in life: accountants, students, pediatricians, veterans, nurses, dentists, police officers [first responders], massage therapists, psychic mediums, clairvoyants and other gifted people. Our speciality is in dealing with people who are plagued by anxiety and depression as it has commonly been found that these people have spiritual gifts that are in need of being protected and expressed in healthy ways.  We have also helped the family unit including parents with “special needs” kids through our parent’s hands-on healing classes.

To see our upcoming events and classes, you may check out our online Class Schedule to see what is currently being offered at our studio [or your home or office] classes offered by Spirit Sense:


  • Reiki Level I
  • Reiki Level II
  • Reiki Level III (parts 1&2, internship) Reiki Practitioner
  • Reiki Level III (part 3) Reiki Master/Teacher

Adult education classes and workshops – Private Sessions too! 🙂

  • Reiki, hands on healing
  • Chakra 101
  • Animal Healing
  • Couples Healing
  • Aromatherapy
  • And more!
      The above classes taught by Spirit Sense Instructors:
      Nicole Newsom
      Patricia Bible

Please check out our current online schedule of classes for current dates classes offered by Spirit Sense Or, If you would like to Host our classes or services, we are willing to travel anywhere in the United States, except maybe Alaska, but contact us anyway, the summers are nice there 😉

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