Aloha and Welcome

Aloha and Welcome to the new and improved!

My name is Nicole Kat Newsom and I would like to welcome you to the new and improved and take this opportunity to introduce you to my life’s work —Spirit Sense, LLC—a healing and learning center in the Galleria/Highland Village area of Houston, Texas.

The Body-Mind-Spirit connection is a necessity in Healing, no longer considered a “New Age” thought.  We take ancient knowledge combined with the mystical, then infuse it with medical and scientific data, bringing about an alchemy that shifts the human body into a Perfect Balance of Vibrant Health.

We are dedicated to the Body, Mind & Spiritual Health for the Education & Healing of individuals and professionals through bodywork and workshops for continuing education.

We believe and support diversity of traditional and non-traditional approaches to health, spirituality and lifestyle.”

Spirit Sense Mission Statement


At Spirit Sense, our vision is that science and the mystical can work side by side.  We are a Center where state licensed therapeutic professionals practice next to those skilled in the metaphysical arts, bridging Science and Spirituality with the emerging “quantum mysticism” of our time.

We imagined a place where Reiki (hands-on-healing) could be taught next door to a seminar for continuing education for Nurse Practitioners.  This diverse, inclusive and exciting vision is blooming into Spirit Sense, LLC, a Body Healing and Educational Center for Clients who need healing services and licensed body workers who desire continuing education. (for LMT you can received continuing ed. credits, coming soon continuing ed. for nurse practitioners!)

We hope you find our web site helpful in your quest to learn more about the healing arts.  And please come visit me so we can work together on healing you, your clients, home and office environments.