Spirit Sense’s mission is to create a more loving world.

We do this through the Healing Arts.
You are invited to experience a session with us – See you soon.

A Special Message from Nicole Newsom – As a transformation teacher and healer specializing in energetic hands-on and distance healing techniques, I have spent the past 16-years assisting people in removing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blocks in their life, to create significant and lasting changes. Through my classes I then assist them with the necessary education to keep their life clear by giving them the tools that they need to reach their individual goals.

Spirit Talker, Personal Coach, Healer are just a few of the names I have been given by my clients.

I work with all nationalities, professions, and religions. Each person I treat is unique as unique as the therapy I design for them. My client sessions are customized using all of my studies from the past 20-years. I have traveled to Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, and across the United States from Texas to California studying with doctors, teachers, spiritual healers and even a well-known psychic to learn and integrate all these techniques in my healing work. Fortunately, I have been blessed with intuition that taps into what my clients need and I check their energy with each visit to see where they are and work on the greatest need.

My background was originally in the petroleum industry for 10-years then I moved into the legal field for 12-1/2 years. When I left corporate America, I transitioned into the health industry learning how to heal the body via herbs, vitamins, massage, cellulite studies and energy work. I have certifications as a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Non-Denominational Minister, Massage Therapist, Health Education Instructor for the State of Texas, Paralegal, Reiki Master, Shaman and many more in various healing techniques.


“After spending several years in the Middle East, returning home to live ‘the normal life’ brought about many stressors that I really did not know how to cope with or even identify.  I felt stifled, unhappy, stressed, anxious, and dealing with every day ordinary details of life was really difficult.   

I had been reading about Reiki, and other practices that involve channeling energy and clearing negativity and energy blocks, for quite some time and finally decided to seek out a Reiki Master to begin the process of getting my life and happiness back on track.  Finding Spirit Sense is one of the most fortunate things that have ever happened to me.  

Nicole is simply amazing.  Her gifts and talents worked actual miracles for me near instantly. I had my first Reiki session in March 2014 when I was home on holiday from Iraq; the sense of clarity, peace and complete happiness that I felt almost immediately afterword was beyond words.  I could actually feel the stress leaving my body and I was able to focus on the most important things to me: my family and starting a new career here in Houston.  I have since seen Nicole 2 additional times for Reiki and the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.  I was a bit skeptical on the LDT but that evening I started feeling exactly as Nicole informed me I would.  A few days later I felt lighter and just overall better.  

If you’ve been living in a world of chaos that has become your ‘normal’ or you just feel ‘stuck’; Nicole can identify the root of it and help you find the happiness that you need to have a peaceful, productive life.  Because I’ve been away from my family for such extended periods over so many years,  my children will also be seeing Nicole.  Finding her is a true blessing.

I plan to take Nicole’s Reiki classes as well and attend the free outings that she has started each month. I love the peaceful nature and sense of awareness that Nicole has and look forward continuing my spiritual journey on this path.
Christine L. Houston, TX